Friday, April 20, 2007

My Sea Legs

I had to go uptown today for a meeting. Now, I'm all, all, all the way downtown so when I say uptown it's most people's midtown. (Ok, maybe some other peoples' downtown, but not get too confusing, shall we?)

ANYHOW, the meeting was right by Bryant Park - in the East 40's. Which was nice, nice day, etc, etc.... But the meeting let out right around lunch time and there were SO friggin many people!!

I mean, I've lived and worked in New York City for a long, long time... but my job before here was up at Columbia University... so not a lot of people there.... And where I work now is, like I said, so far downtown, very residential. Granted, it's very close to Chinatown... which I tend to avoid. Why? Because it's so CROWDED. And, I must add, when I come in on the weekends I avoid the crowded turist-y spots & all the people I visit live in residential areas... so not too crowded. I just have been far, far, far from the maddening crowds.

So, I was a bit freaked out today. I would walk at the regular fast clip, but when I wanted to look in a store window -- the stopping and getting OVER to that window? Can you say "Annoyed about 50 people?" Is there some way to do that that I've just forgotten? I felt like such a .... a.... (I can't say it) a.... tourist! (Cue scary music!)

I'm going to have to take field trips up there at least once a week & get my NYC legs back!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Va. Tech gunman writings raised concerns - Yahoo! News

Va. Tech gunman writings raised concerns - Yahoo! News

You know, you read this article and all I cancan see that the gunman was a disturbed....kid. A kid. And yet he was allowed to get a gun - not a hunting rifle - a gun. A gun that you don't need to stop to re-load, but that keeps firing.

You know the"college years" are typically when most people have psychic breaks. Especially boys. Here we have one of those - and he was allowed to buy a gun.

I really hope they don't start demonizing him, and loose focus of the fact that it is our horrible gun laws that did this.

And yes, I should be working now.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sunday, April 15, 2007

what happened to...

upper case letters? Have you guys read this blog? Honestly, I've read many, many blogs - and perhaps I had higher expectatinos for this one... but they were most definitely too high.