Saturday, April 29, 2006

EX - In law

So I just saw my Ex father in law. It was much easier than I thought it would be. Actually, I had no idea what it would be like... but I wasn't really looking forward to it.

Max said to me earlier "I bet Coach has been thinking about us all day! He's probably so excited to see us!" (He likes to be called "coach" - doesn't want to seem like a "grandfather"...) I didn't want to ruin it for Max - but Coach doesn't think about anybody except himself...

So, the X came by to pick up the kids - they're staying over his place tonight & they were SO CUTE with coach! They just wanted to show him everything! Max pulled out maps of New Zealand, and all the things in the house that we have from NZ and even brought out the video of The Rescuers Down Under explaining that he knows it's Australian - but that the accents are similar. (!!)

My X sil sent over pineapple lumps for me. I lovelovelovelove pineapple lumps!! Especially frozen. Think really good pineaple flavored sort of Charleston Chew. The X strongly encouraged me to open the bag then - meaning I had to SHARE them. Oh the horror! I've hidden the rest, though.

Hey, you'd do the same if you only got your favorite candy once every 2-3 years!

Max's Art work

I have a new scanner - so here it is - the miraculous tree under water. I made the mistake of asking if it was an apartment building....
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Thursday, April 27, 2006

On "Tiny" and haircuts

Phew. Can't believe I made it. It was tense going. We nearly lost Tiny.

Who, you may ask,is Tiny?

Tiny is a raisin sized, ball shaped piece of blue play doh - who my son, Nathan, has befriended. The minute I came in the door tonight I was introduced. "Isn't he cute, Mom? Look, I can drop him down here and not loose him!" (Oh no, I'm thinking - yes you will!)

And, he did.

Actually, Tiny made it all the way 'til about 8:45 pm. JUST as they were about to be tucked in "Where's Tiny?" "We'll look for him tomorrow." "where's Tiny?" "We'll look for him tomorrow!" "I said- WHERE'S TINY?!?!"

OH, the tears, oh the anguish - oh the utter uselessness of looking for a small blue raisin sized piece of play doh in a predominately blue room...

Max couldn't stand hearing the crying & ran out to get more play doh. So, I made another "Tiny" and all was right in the world. (Apparently there's no loyalty to little blue play doh balls.)

So, Tiny was set aside - on a book on the table next to the bed "Where I can see him" Nathan said. Max got up out of his bed to move Tiny away from the edge of the book. "Ummm, Max - Tiny won't move."


But on to the REALLY important stuff: My hair. Ahhh, those of you who have been with me from the beginning were probably wondering what was going on with my haircut saga. Well, let me fill you in. About two or so weeks ago I all of a sudden realzied that my hair was LONG. I called my hairdresser.... and........... VACATION! (Imagine horror show screams in the background!)

So, I"m not able to get it cut 'til May 3rd!! (The Horror!!)

It's so friggin' long I'm about ready to commit hari-kari!

You know, this being a blog and all - well - I just had to share.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My "fake" friends

So this morning I"m walking to the subway & I get to thinking (which does happen on occasion. I try to stop, but...) about my "fake friends." No, no, not the imaginary ones - those are the ones living in my closet - I'm talking about my internet friends.

See, about six years ago I joined an email support group for women who were going to be giving birth to their first child in May '00. The "May Moms." And, here it is nearly May of '06 and most of us are still going strong.

So I guess this morning it just kind of struck me - here we are women from all over & how we've all totally connected. Still. How I know these women as well as I know any of my "real" friends, and how they pretty much know everything about me.

And I thought about how you can be friends with somebody, and feel supported by them - even though you've never "met" them.

And I thought about how we've all been through SO MUCH together, and how our kids are going to be sixfreakingyearsold! (sorry Gwen - stole that from you! I love the merged word thing!)

So, anyhow, just thought about it - and this being a blog and all... well - thought I'd share. :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Monday, April 24, 2006

On Raising Boys

So we go to the dentist today. Meaning, I take the kids to the dentist. They do fine & while I'm talking to the receptionist -- going through insurance stuff & setting up next appointment, they throw each other onto the couch & crack up. Not just laugh, I mean totally crack up.

And it's the kind of stuff that as a parent you know you shouldn't allow - because somebody will get hurt (you'll put an eye out with that thing!) but that just looks like so much fun.... So I half-heartedly tell them to stop. And of course they know it's half-hearted - and they don't.

Finally get them out of there and Max is instantly Red Ranger - and Nathan is Blue Ranger. And they karate chop and ninja stalk each other all the way home.

I somehow get them calmed down watching Tom & Jerry & we get set to read a book before bed. Nathan starts to tell this story about how he hurt his knee (which he did) and how all these "bad guys" were mean to him and kicked him and pushed him. I said that if indeed that did happen - that he should please tell somebody! Either myself, his Dad, sitter, teacher or Max.

Max looked at me "Why me? Because I'm tough?" "Umm, no - because you're such a good big brother." "Well, I am tough. I can kick those bad guys in the butt!" "But you know, sweetie - it's better to be nice than tough." "Yes, but I"m nice AND tough."

End conversation.

So then I'm left thinking about negotiating the whole nice vs tough thing. And if it has to be a vs. And of course he could be both... but how do I explain it.

And as I sat there, head hurting because I was spending so much precious time/energy worrying about this - I told myself to just get a grip. And -

Just wing it.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Thoughts on having ones own country

So it has come to pass that I might, well, maybe, well, could be.... the ruler of my own country.

(Go with me on this, guys. Suspend the disbelief.)

Think about it. What would you do?

Mystic Force!!

So, I'd be willing to bet good money that most of you reading this post know - if not Nothing - then very little about the Power Rangers. Ahh, young readers - I was once like you. But now I have entered the magic world - and I will be unable to leave.

For example, did you know that there are THREE (at least, I'm still researching; so bare (bear?) with me.) different Ranger incarnations?

And didja know (and no - that's not a poke at "ninja!") that there's even a Wikepedia listing?!? I'm still grappling with the fact that there are people who know so much - and invest the time in writing it down - about Power Rangers. And look at that link (because I know your interest is now really piqued & you really want to learn all you can about Power Rangers.

BUT - and maybe you guys have suggestions - I'm having difficulty tracking down the Sensai who is played by the non-SAG actor Guinea Pig. Yep. A pig. Guinea Pig. I can't even find a photo of it to prove that the teacher of all these rangers is a ninja suited guinea pig.... but - it is!

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

It's pouring outside. Horrible gross weather. I don't know what's going on - 'cause I had this deal with the BIG GUY that it was only supposed to rain like this and stuff when *I* had the kids. Not on the days that I had "off." Gonna have to check. Somebody's slacking off. Big Guy's not going to be happy.

So, is this deja vu or what (for those of you still with me from Yahoo 360. Are any of you still with me? Have you all dropped off like flies as I flit from blog site to blog site?) but I'm looking for a job. Yep. Another part-time job. The contract for this two day a week job runs out end of June. AND, coincidentaly, the X and I split our moneys end of May. So I'm out there, people.

Not quite panic. At this point kinda a low grade buzzing of anxiety.

I mean, listen - I'm not going to end out on the street or anything. I know that. And once we get the paper work through and get the money to get rid of credit card debt it'll be FINE. But a couple a months (like that?- kinda Brooklynese, ya' think?) of pretty lean living.

AND, truth be known (and we only tell the truth here as you Come on Along [yes, I"ll change it!] 'cause really, what would be the point of not?) (Do you think I use too many parenthetical phrases?) I didn't particularly like that job anyhow.

AND, more truth be known - I"m totally doing this now because I'm too nervous to actually look to see if there ARE any jobs posted. Gotta do it. Ok - jumping into the lake.