Thursday, March 06, 2008

Just Take. The. Time.

That's what my boss said to me about a half hour ago. "You have the time. Take it. Resolve this." (Not in a mean way, more in a I can see how this is wearing on you way...)

And it is.

The school nurse called again today. Max came to her office & she said that he "seems to be in real pain." More than other times. She was like: "I understand you want to wait, but you really should get this checked." I explained that I was at work, could not leave right away, and that it would take me about an hour in travel time. I also said that I would call my sitter - to see if she could get there before me.

I check my work voice mail - a message from Max's teacher. She NEVER calls. Max seems really uncomfortable. In pain. She's been watching and doesn't think there's anything bothering him. "I understand that you want to wait, but you really should get this checked."

I fly out of work in a near panic, visualizing him crying for me... in an ambulance.... on his way to the hospital for an emergency stomachache-ectomy! Or some such immediate emergency procedure that can't wait for me to return! Of course! There I am, on the subway.. unable to be reached by cell phone. I don't know if I can really explain that feeling... knowing your child could be in possible distress - that this is the fastest way to get to him - and being totally out of contact. (And yes, I know, this is how it was before cell phones.. but allow me my moment of drama!)

I call a friend who lives in my building. She is conveniently (for me) out of work. She picked up Max. You know, my sitter is very competent.. but I just felt better having him with a MOM. (Ok, a Dad would have been ok, too...)

I pick him up. He's fine. Hungry. "My stomach hurts a little..."

I talk to my boss. She was very nice. "Soo..... You really should have that checked, you know?"

All these people, of course, want this resolved. As do I. But I was hoping to be able to do it in the least invasive way possible...

I left a message for the Dr. (about 4 hours ago! Why haven't they called me back yet?!?!) and I guess I'll just see.....

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Fake Ache?

Max's stomach still hurts. I kept him home Monday & took him to the Dr. Again. We saw another Dr in the practice who was a bit... errr... surprised that the first doctor had prescribed the Belladonna/Phenobarb. She said that it might actually have messed him up even more.

That's just dandy.

She could find nothing wrong so told Max he had to go to school, to go to the nurse only "if he's dying" and told me to give him some fiber. She said that if it's still hurting in 3-4 days then we'll start the tests.

Monday evening it was HELL here. Max was screaming in pain. I nearly brought him to the ER, but called my friend H who talked me down. She was like "does he look like he's in pain?" I look over at my ruddy faced boy who is pouring through his Pokemon cards. He's not pale. He's not sweating. He's not doubled over.

I don't doubt that he's feeling something. I believe him. BUT - I also think that he is VERY good at the drama...

And also - he keeps saying "I don't want to go to school! Mom, I think you're making a Very Bad Decision to send me to school!" (Yeah, well kid - it wouldn't be the first and it won't be the last!)

It's hard to keep that level head in the midst of all the sturm and drang. And it's hard to prevent the What If's from sneaking into your brain. What If it's something bad? What If it REALLY DOES hurt him that much and you're just ignoring it? What If his appendix just BURSTS and you have to clean burst appendix off the couch?

He goes to sleep & sleeps through the night. The next morning X phones to find out how he is. He asks Max about this boy at the bus stop. It seems X had noticed that this boy hadn't been to nice to Max. X has keen bully radar. I never noticed. It turns out this boy pushes Max, calls him names, and "uses bad words." He's in 4th grade.

I told Max I'd write a note to the teacher. And, for a little while, he seemed ok & I thought I had the problem solved. For a little while (it was good while it lasted) - then he was back again.

Sent him to school - at about 10:30 the nurse calls. I explain. She says ok, he "doesn't look sick" so we won't send him home. She freaks out about the Belladonna... (Join the club!)

Teacher calls - Max is doing fine at school, will get great report card, and is also doing very well socially. She can't think of anything that could be bothering him. Great. I mean, if he had been having problems then MY problem would be solved. But no. He has to be all well adjusted and smart. Just my luck!

He makes it through the day. Goes to Nurse three times, but she doesn't call me. He goes to Hebrew School. His stomach is STILL hurting tonight.

I'm just at a friggin' loss.

If it's still hurting by Thursday I guess I'll take him in for tests.

Tell me - does it ever happen that a person (doesn't have to be me, although that sure would be nice...) gets one month of calmness? No events? I have realized, in my old age, that nobody has the perfect life. Everybody has their "stuff" -- but damn! I'd even take two weeks!