Tuesday, September 02, 2008

September begins...

... with a migraine. What's that all about?

Brought the kids in for their first day of school - they were nervous but not too bad. (Not sure if I should be admitting this, but....) we did next to nothing academic over the summer. I don't know, I feel like they have so much over the school year that the summer is just the summer... But I think it started them off a bit more anxious this year; so I might re-think it for next.

Nathan has the same teacher Max had for the past two years. Not so sure how I feel about that, since I wasn't so crazy about her -- but Nathan was happy... so....

I waited over an hour to find out bus information, only to find out I didn't need any information. It was the same as last year -- that's why they didn't send me anything. Oh. I see. And you were going to tell me this when?

Called X. Told him about my job. His contract ends the end of this month -- so if neither of us find anything we will both be out of work. That's comforting. Relaxing. Calming. Soothing, even. (You can't see all the hairs on my body standing on end!)

I told him that this Sunday is the first day of... say it with me now... Hebrew School. Yes campers - we're back to that time of year again. And of course, for their first day (they both go this year) X has them. Dontcha know that's the way things always work out. I'm so sick to death of this whole thing. So, I said: "It's their first day." and ever reasonable and willing to talk about things he said: "They're not going." (Should I just re post my post from last year?) I said "It's the first day - they need to go... it's when books are handed out, kids meet each other..."

And he goes (and get this - it's good) "well, I like to take them on day trips over the weekend. I love my time with them." I asked him (trying not to sound too incredulous) if he really takes them on THAT many "day trips"? (Day trips?!?!?) He conceded that he didn't , but "what would the kids rather do? Sit in a Hebrew School classroom or play with their Dad?" You of course know that I did not even dignify that with an answer! Of COURSE my children would rather sit, read, learn Torah, Hebrew, sing songs, do art projects... than go outside and play!! Who wouldn't?!? (Banging head on wall.)

So, the end up was - as usual - I'm not going to fight him (too much) re: Hebrew School... I'll just talk to the kids' teachers & in the end they will have to say to him "Dad - I can't miss that much - I have to learn for my Bar Mitzvah..." which will hopefully happen. Or else they'll have to make up the work elsewhere. BUT - I told him they have to go this Sunday. I mean, come on.

He's all about wanting to spend time with them -- he was away for a week & doesn't contact them. Doesn't call them last night before their first day, or this morning?!? I mean, it's great to want to play with them every other weekend... but... talking to them about their first day of school nerves? That's the real stuff.

Ok. Enough. Off to get another Advil...