Saturday, May 06, 2006

And oh, have I mentioned that...

... I'm a freak? Because if I haven't, now might be a good time for me to do that.

Went into my "bad" job Friday & spoke to my co-worker there & she was pretty much like just calm down & stop. I spoke to my boss & she was normal. True, my job will be ending there soon, but they're not unhappy with me - and she did not give a bad reference.

(Could I just interrupt this rant to say that Max is now watching Tom & Jerry and is actually picking out all the things that could not happen in "real" life. Like, if you tied a baby duck to an anvil it's probaby very unlikely that he'd be able to run with the anvil attached to him. And if shot, point blank, with a rifle, that the said baby duck would in all likelihood - die. I agreed, and told him that I was glad he knew it wasn't real. He was like "oh yes, I know, it's fiction." !!!)

AND - I got the other job. So, that means that when this monday/friday job ends, I'll have at least a one day a week job to fall back on. And, if that works out financially, then fine, if not I'll keep looking. But at least I'll have that. And, she might be able to have me work two days initially, which would be great in getting me over this hump. OR, maybe I'll work all three... just 'cause I want to be able to say that I'm working three jobs. Like in those old Saturday night live (was it saturday night live?) with the Jamaican families who work millions of jobs....

(Pardon another interruption, but have any of you ever tasted the "fruit" [and I use that term very loosely] snack "Gushers". All I have to say is: "YICK.")

So, in the end, and to finally get to the point of this ramble... it was all in my little 'ole (perfectly shaped) head. (Yes, my hairdresser says I have a perfectly shaped head. Don't be jealous.)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Waiting's the Hardest Part

And not for Godot. Or Tom Petty. But to find out about this friggin' job.

I know, I can hear the Greek Chorus in the background :"Amy, will you cut it out - it hasn't even been a week yet!" But you know, that chaos thing. Just don't like it. Also, with this other job soon to be ending... you know - it would be nice, for once, to have everylittlelittlelittlething all tied up in a nice little package.

Also, my crazy self is worried that my freak job won't give me a good reference - so that sets me on edge. Even though I know I'm doing a good job & that my supervisor is a case study of how not to manage... you just don't know.

Plus. OK. I'll say it. THere's another minor, minor, oh so very very minor thing that could be influencing this. Oh so minor that I even hesitate to mention it... but awww, what the heck? Why not? Why not just throw it out there. I mean, it's so minor that if I mention it - it'll make no difference. I mean, it's only three little letters - and you know what - not one of them is even a vowel!! That's right! pms.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Not as freaked

And for those of you who are following this closely (and I'm assuming that's ALL OF YOU, RIGHT?!?!) I'm feeling better today.

I think sometimes the best thing for me is not the kind, listening ear - but the smack upside the head. I was talking to my office mate today & she was like: DON'T YOU DARE SEND THAT EMAIL TO THEM. YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB - THEY ARE LUCKY TO FIND/HAVE YOU AND IT IS THEIR RESPONSIBILTY TO USE YOU AND FIND YOU WORK. PULL YOUR FRIGGIN' HEAD IN.

Point noted.

Easy Money!

So, you guys all know that my M-F job is ending end of June (or before) so I've been applying to all sorts of part-time jobs. I applied to this one for data entry on craigslist & got this in response:

Unfortunately all the Data Entry Assistant position vacancies are filled by now, but we are now looking for a few people for Monetary Assistant long term position
which would require higher level of responsibility but will also be more rewarding, and I thought you might be interested in taking this position.

abf import. is a high-growing import-export company based in Sweden with the branches worldwide. Please find more
info aboutour company at

The necessity of having Monetary Assistant positionfor our company comes from the fact that we are a Europe-based an have the major part of a profit coming from the other countries's market, and inorder to lower our high taxes here in Europe (every company is required topay it's taxes
only in the country where it is registered and based), we, like many other import-export companies, usespecia marketing system the bottom line of which is to divide the whole coming money stream into numerous smaller money streams; and in order to do this we need many bank accounts which those smaller money streams would go through and people who would control them.

This is a pure marketing, it doesn't break any law of any country in any way You would need to:- have two or more
bank account(s) in any majorCanada bank(s)(small country banks are not good), can be newly opened or not- report everyday bank activity related to thecompany(although you would be notified in advance every time any money transaction occurs)- 2 to3 times a week to do money tansfers following the instruction you'd be given The bottom line is: - some company's money will be going to your account(s)every 2-3 days and you will be responsible for transfering it to the company- the monthly total amount going through oneaccount would b e $15000 - $20000 - company will be covering all possible bank's fees - the salary for this position per one bank account you can provide the company with is $400 weekly paid every week by
wire transfer deposit to your bank acct starting the day when the account's first bank transaction occurs- you can work with up to 3 accounts

If you are interested in this position please let me know at your earliest convenience.

So I'm thinkin', guys, this sounds pretty good, huh?!? I could rake in $1200 a WEEK tax free!


I think I"m gonna report them to craigslist.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oh, the Horror

Today was, at the risk of being overdramatic - a horrible day. I woke up with a START at 5:00 am, from a dream where I was at my Monday/Friday job (which I don't particularly like) and was being told - again - that I've made a mistake.

This job is ok, but my supervisor has managed, from day one, to find everything I do wrong - but not ever notice anything that I do right. And more than that - if she asks me to send out an email for her & it's not in her style then it's wrong. And I know, I have a very informal style. But an example - she asked how I addresssed an email sent out to a committee - I said "Well, I wrote 'Dear Committee Members," She says - "that's too formal." She decides to address it: "Dear Healthcare Committee Members."


It's gotten to the point where I really feel picked on - and am starting to make mistakes because I'm so out of joint when I'm there.

The position ends end of June - and I've already interviewed for another (Friday) & they pretty much told me that they just have to check my references & that's it.

So what's the problem, you ask?

I'm not entirely sure I know. And in the end I've surmised that it's not one thing, but all together. 1) The general anxiety that job makes me feel, 2) that it's going to end soon, 3) that I'm on my own now financially, 4) that even though it's just Tuesday - I haven't heard back from the Friday job interview; 5) I have PMS.

But I tell you, I haven't felt anxiety like this since the past summer - when I had NO job and the X was horriblehorriblehorrible.

I actually cornered one of the social workers I work with - who I'm also friendly with - and just asked her if I could off load a bit to her. I just needed to talk out some of the anxiety. It helped. What was off-putting is I'm ususally able to get myself through this sort of stuff... so that it'll go away after a bit -- but today it was just relentless.

She was great. (She's actually a great therapist - I can tell!) She was like, ummm, Amy - you ARE going through a lot now... so don't feel like you need to explain these feelings... And it's true - lots of things at once. And the PMS. But it helped me to normalize it a bit. And to talk.

Think I'm just gonna confront it head on w/the boss at the hated job - because my work load has also dwindled down to almost nothing - so I'm sure they're gonna tell me soon that the position's over. I feel like if I bring it up first, it kinda puts me back in the power position. A little more in control.

And now I"m babbling. But it's my blog, I can babble if I want to! Also, I needed another off-load before I went to sleep. My mind's just too heavy.

Monday, May 01, 2006

I made her do it!

See, here at "Come on Along" we have wide reaching impact. (Wide reaching impact? What does that mean? SOunds strange.) ANYHOW, my friend Rach has started a blog of her own. She's also on her third blog - so maybe third times the charm for both of us. Her website, though, is even cooler.

I'm thinking that I don't actually know that many people with websites, or blogs... Gwen has her non-kosher blog, and H. has her business -- but... (and she doesn't read my blog - says she talks to me every day so she already knows what's going on in my life. But ha! She doesn't know about this!!)

I don't know what I like about doing this... but I do enjoy it.... so.... there! (See, and I'm so articulate, too!)

Thank You Stephen Colbert.

Thank You Stephen Colbert.

You guys have to watch the video. It's something else.

May Day

Today's the day, guys. Today's the day that I'm officially financially separate from the X. Well, except for child support & other stuff... but you know. And I just realized - is that child support supposed to cover their clothes, shoes, etc, etc? Better check on that - otherwise he's going to be taking them on some of their shopping trips, too. Somehow it doesn't seem right that just 'cause he doesn't like to shop that means I pay for all of it... Although I imagine that's what child "support" is for, huh?


Good thing I got those sandles in under the wire! :)

I'm glad, though, that this is happening. TOok long enough & we really need to get this over & done with anyhow...

Sunday, April 30, 2006

The power of Advertising

So I brought the kids shoe shopping yesterday. I'm really pretty bad with this - I buy them like one pair of shoes per season & they wear them to death. Usually for fall/winter a pair of merrill like shoes & snow boots - then for summer sandles. I used to get them sneakers, but somehow stopped in fall & they just wear their sandles all summer long...

SO ANYHOW - brought them yesterday to buy shoes & was unsure whether or not to get them sneakers AND sandles... but when I saw how much support the sandles had, figured I'd just spend the money on a good pair. (Is this too much information? Am I babbling? I figured you guys need backround. Besides, what would be the point of a blog entry that went: "Went to store. Bought shoes." ?)

I don't know if you've noticed, but jeeze - these kids are starting to have.... like... opinions! Like they know what they want and what they like?!? Huh?!? What every happened to the 'ole following me blindly?! Not so sure how I feel about this....

Max immediatly picked out a pair of water shoes. Had to get through that - no way I"m getting water shoes at the high priced shoe store. Those are the payless shoes.

FINALLY, get him to agree to a pair of sandles... but then he sees the blue sneakers. These were admitedly cool sneakers. But they were also over $60.

We get home & the boys look through their spoils. ALl of a sudden Max goes: "Hey, Nathan has Geox sandles! HIs breathe! Mine aren't Geox!!" WTF!!! The kid isn't even 6 and he's already talking brands?!?! (To those of you who do talk brands, I got Max Ecco sandles, ok?!?) I showed Max that his sandles also have little holes in them... and that they breathe, too.

Another crisis averted.

THen, while we were watching Tom & JErry tonight I saw it - the Geox Man! Yep. ALready marketing shoes to the Tom & Jerry crowd. And Max totally got it, too - the breathing and all.

Scary. And at this rate how am I going to keep him away from Product!?!?

A Future Novelist?

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