Friday, April 11, 2008

Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES)

Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES)

This is the program my sister works for. I can't wait 'til my boys are old enough (or we move to a bigger place!) to be able to host an exchange student...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

You guys are so cool

So tell me. How come I write posts that come from the deep dark insides of my soul and I get one or two comments? I write posts about life changing moments and I get one or two comments? I write a post about a graduation gift.... and....

I now see how it is.


Thank you guys for all your great suggestions! She's difficult to shop for. Very strong opinions, very artsy, very "non-traditional" (although somehow likes Banana Republic...).

SO. I've opted for this and a $100 Banana Republic Card. I figure it could give her a bit of a start with any sort of interview clothes she needs... and the other thing is kinda cool, artsy and fun.

That's what I'm getting.

Unless I change my mind.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Yes. My new (about three months) wonderful, 26 year old babysitter is pregnant. She told me yesterday. She is five months pregnant and has been feeling fine. She is very happy about it. The father is involved, she has lots of family support, and feels she is the right age.

She says she will continue working until the last day, and plans to come back after. Her family owns a day care that takes new born babies, so she sees no problem. I told her well... let's see how you feel - because oftentimes it's totally different after the baby is born...

I'm not upset, anxious, angry, nervous... or anything. (I don't even want to go into how much the kids like this sitter and how I so do not want to have to put them through getting used to another one!!) I know I have the other (16 year old) sitter to fill in (who actually told me that if it doesn't work out with the current one how she would love to come back). She won't be good for a permanent sitter... but definitely for maternity leave & until I find one... If I need to.) I'm honestly... well... a bit freaked out because it just seems like so much has been happening.

I'm not a drama seeker. I like routine. I like calmness. I like knowing what to expect. Some people need - crave constant excitement. Nope. Not me. A nice boring life with a little bit of fun vacations and diversions thrown into the mix. That's me.

Is this what life is, or doesn't it seem like I've been getting a wee bit more than my fair share lately?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008

Now let's get to the important stuff!

J's older daughter is graduating from college this May. I've already started thinking about a present (simply because I have nothing else to do... Aww... come on... you know what it's like - you have SO much that you focus on the minutia... like I have to explain that!) and am not really coming up with anything...

So, in the midst of my not coming up with anything - I came up with something.

Gift certificates.

I'm thinking like $150-200 worth of gift certificates.

I figure $100 at Banana Republic. $50 at a shoes place (Aerosoles, 9 West..), $25 Jamba Juice and $25 Barnes & Noble or Borders.

So - the all important question my bloggy friends: What do you think? Is this a cop out? Should I get her a gift? Should I put the whole amount into one thing? Should I split it up into more...?

You see... this is what I do when the sheets aren't on my bed & I'm exhausted & am tossing around the idea of just sleeping on the mattress, and when my older son is late with his science project (it was due last Friday & I totally forgot), and I have piles of papers here to put away, and mail to go through, and taxes to mail out, and checks to write, and dishes to wash, and clothes to put away - that have been sitting in a pile at the foot of my bed for a week, and toothpaste to clean off the sink, and towels to pick up off the bathroom floor....

So? What do you think? And is $200 enough? (I'd actually prefer $150... but I really feel like that might not be enough? I don't know - everything's so inflated nowadays....)