Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Spork With an Added Edge - New York Times

A Spork With an Added Edge - New York Times

Now, THIS is cool - cooler than the Cozi, and much cooler than the stuff in the One Step Ahead catalogues....

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thirteen Things that my kids have done, just today, that made me smile
1…. Thinking they could prevent a punishment by telling me what they did wrong from the distance of our fifth floor balcony.
2.... Watching tv on the couch - standing on their heads.
3.... Singing along to Elton John on the Muppet Show - playing toy guitars.
4.... Telling me that he wants to tell his first grade teacher that my mom's cousin is going to jail. (Yes, he is. Federal. 18 months. X told him - I wouldn't have.)
5.... Telling me: "Boo Yankees! Yea Mets!"
6.... Insisting that I sit with them on the couch to watch Beeker's Hair pop off - and laugh hysterically each time we watch it.
7.... Talking about the boy in the playground who was wearing a Red Power Ranger Costume... and could I get them one?
8.... Thinking that I'd really have thirteen things I could list.
9.... Telling me the story of Christopher Columbus, then singing, under his breath, the "Columbus on the Ocean Blue" not thinking I can hear him.
10.... Telling me that he has packed plastic spiders, vampire bats, and tarantulas, upon hearing that my sister will be sharing a room with us on our weekend away this weekend - knowing how she is SO scared of spiders.... (Wait. Could I make that sentence any more awkward? Awkwarder? Aardvark? Sorry. Too tired.)
11.... Nathan telling me that his teacher said I can't send in popcorn for lunch, and how he does NOT want yogurt, it's too much - and could I PLEASE make sure to include the Scooby Fruit Roll-ups - NOT the other fruit roll ups. The Scooby ones.
12.... Going to sleep with the fan on, even though it's like 50 degrees out - and putting the fans RIGHT NEXT TO their heads - so that their hair is blowing back like they're dogs with their heads stuck out a window.
13.... They fell asleep together, in the same bed. Links to other Thursday Thirteens!1. (leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!)
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006



I don't know... this seems kinda cool.....

Sometimes life's good...

Today when I came home from work Max said to me: "I'm going to do a book report." "Huh? What?" "I did one today in school, and I'm going to do one now." And he got a book, got his "Book Report" notebook, sat down, read the book and wrote about it. Complete with the "moral of the story."

Is this my son?!?

I remember last year at this time when I was getting notes from his teacher: "Max isn't behaving." "Max won't sit down." "I"m putting Max on a "behavioral" plan." And every day I had to read and sign a report about his behavior. And at home, he would be all over the place, each evening was a battle.

Now he's just so much more..... settled. I mean, ok, he still jumps off the back of the couch, but....

And the tennis lessons - I have never seen him so involved and excited about something! He is totally owning it, practices it, enjoys it.... Ahhhhh....

Is this what it's like when they get older?

Nathan.... well - he's doing really well, too. My mom was really great the other day when she asked me why Nathan has so many gender issues? Like why does he say he wants to be a girl? I said it's probably his age... or else maybe he's a transexual. My mom was all: "Well, we need to nip that in the bud!" "Umm, mom - either he is, or he isn't." To which she replied that she did NOT believe that, and that I should find somebody for him to talk to.

Maybe my $100/session shrink?

And J - well J has moved into his new apt - and I went there yesterday. Sorry to report, nothing really strange there to talk about... He does have a gorgeous painting that was done by his daughter - it's amazing... and not too much else of note. But he's still moving stuff in, so I'll keep you all posted.

He gave me a key to his new place. (Hear the trumpets?!?!) I'm on a quest to find an open locksmith (why are they always closed when I try to go? Is it me?) so I can make copies of mine.

THe kids have stayed over at X's girlfriend's two times already. Once on the weekend, and again last night. They sleep in her bed (hope she has plastic sheets!) and she sleeps on the couch.

From all reports (from the kids) she really seems very nice. They've been talking and talking about her. You know X - he's not really much of a "giver." And I get the sense that Janet is. And the kids know it, and are responding to it. And I don't even mean material stuff.... but even just how she is responding to them. And to X. I mean, she's already invited him to move in with her if he doesn't get a job by end of October.

So, all that's pretty good.

Just don't ask me about money.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Quiet Contemplation & a big, big mouth.

So today is Yom Kippur. The holiest day of the Jewish year, a day where we fast, ask G-d for forgiveness, and just kinda sit with ourselves & think.

I, of course, was outside with the kids for much of it (it being the synogogue service). THey would not go to the "kids" room - so after the family service and sitting in the "big people's service" for about 1/2 hr - we went outside.

The problem about fasting with kids... is imagine if you might generally have a short fuse... Right. THen think of that with no food. Uh huh. Yup. Just like that.

I've spent most of the day today sleeping - it's the best way to get through it. But I have to say, I do think it's something everybody should do: go through one day without food or drink. It won't kill you, but it sure as shit will make you realize how it feels (on a small, small scale) to go hungry. And to go hungry and NOT have the luxury to sleep. I simply cannot imagine doing anything even slightly more taxing than this...

So, I told you all about most of my week last week - but didn't talk about Friday night. I went out w/J on Friday. Now, I don't know if you've picked this up - but J and I have gone out for nearly seven months and have not had ONE fight. That's right. Not a one. I wouldn't say Friday was a fight... it wasn't. But it was intense.

It started by my asking if he wanted to come pumpkin picking with the kids & I. ANd my parents. ANd he could bring his daughter, if he wanted.

Then it just opened up this whole thing about him telling his kids about me... and me... well... me just being so darn impatient for this to be... I don't know what. But to be. I love being with him so much - I feel so good when I'm with him -- that as I actually explained it to him - that he's become an addiction! Must. Have. More. Must. Have. Unfettered Access. (Like that word? Unfettered? Not often I get to use that word. I'd like to thank J for giving me the opportunity!) :)

And you wanna know the kind of freaky thing?!? Much of the "stuff" that came out of me was stuff that had been lurking in the back of my brain.. you know, the stuff you think of to yourself -- but say: "It's ok that I think this to myself. But it should only be to myself. Not for the general public." Yep. That sort of stuff. It came out. How does that happen? I mean, it was stuff that I had thought through and negated. To myself. But all of a sudden: poof! There it was! Out on the table! Ack!! WHERE ARE MY FILTERS?!?!?

So so totally my bad. The poor guy has more than enough to deal with - moving out of a house and a relationship that was twice as long (and probably much better)than mine, kids that are older that require a different sort of handling, and having to negotiate his new living and custody arrangements. Not a pack of easy stuff.

Then to have me in the background... "well, you should tell them soon!" ANd part of it was for him - and them - to have ample processing time. And part of it was purely and simply me - thinking of me.

Don't worry. I'm not going to totally beat myself up over it. I am only human, after all. (Maybe it was a reaction to spending my entire day running around thinking not at all of myself (and my aching feet) and getting rent money for a client...) And I did appologize. And we did talk it out.

But still, it sucked to have stressed him out even more, and it sucked to have that kinda tense feeling that we hadn't yet experienced (that yes, yes, I know we will....)

But, kinda nice to have the fight "test run" to see how it goes... And I suppose... also... kinda good to have all the stuff outta my head... (more room for all the other crap!)

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