Friday, July 21, 2006

100 Things

Ok, Here Goes - let's see if I can make it to 100.

100 Things You Should Know About Me.
  1. I'm not sure if I can come up with 100 things.
  2. I let my kids watch Power Rangers but not Schreck.
  3. I take more than one wrapped candy from the free candy bowl at restaurants.
  4. I cry easily.
  5. I love going out.
  6. I love staying in.
  7. I have a crush on Mr. Rogers.
  8. I was always the last person picked to be on a sports team in elementary & middle school.
  9. I'm a music snob. (Like no acustic guitarists singing Doors songs.)
  10. I have all my cassettes arranged by genre.
  11. I have boxes of notes I passed in H.S. with my friend H.
  12. I've never voted Republican.
  13. I've never seen American Idol.
  14. I've smoked a cigar.
  15. My favorite foods are lobster, french fries, cheese cake, and ice cream. (And yes, a perfect meal would be made up of all of those... with a diet root beer!)
  16. It's a wonder I'm not a tub.
  17. I've been on every diet known to mankind.
  18. I lost my most weight after X. moved out.
  19. I'd love to be tall and willowy.
  20. Still can't believe I'm getting paid for what I love to do.
  21. Used to have curly hair perm.
  22. I will never post a photo of myself with curly hair perm.
  23. Haven't found any gray hairs.
  24. Hope I haven't jinxed myself.
  25. Cheated while fasting last Yom Kippur.
  26. Have taken office supplies.
  27. I like the Pink Ranger Best.
  28. I love the Muppets.
  29. I own five pairs of water shoes.
  30. I don't do any water sports.
  31. I love buying/looking at "outdoor" accessories.
  32. The most "outdoors" I get is Central Park.
  33. I always turn my head to check out the firemen streaking by in their truck.
  34. I'm hate air conditioning.
  35. My toes freeze in frozen food section of supermarket.
  36. I've killed every plant I 've ever owned - except Cid.
  37. I still have my wedding bouquet.
  38. WOndering why I still have my wedding bouquet.
  39. Have platonic crush on my dentist.
  40. I'm scared of viney plants.
  41. I have cool kids.
  42. I have cool parents.
  43. I have cool siblings.
  44. I have a cool boyfriend.
  45. I have a cool babysitter.
  46. I have an annoying X-husband.
  47. I don't like balloons.
  48. I apologize too much.
  49. I'm sorry that I wrote that.
  50. I can't believe I made it up to 50!
  51. I startle easily.
  52. I sniffed "rush" in my H.S. biology class.
  53. Still not %100 comfortable in/with my body.
  54. Like my feet.
  55. Have a love/hate relationship with my breasts.
  56. Don't hold grudges.
  57. Wish I could be an artist of some sort.
  58. Have awful, awful handwriting.
  59. Have pretty high threshold for mess and disorganization.
  60. I have champagne taste and a beer budget.
  61. I'm not materialistic.
  62. I'd love to have a summer home on the beach.
  63. I don't like chaos.
  64. I need time to adjust to change.
  65. I am kind, but do not suffer fools gladly.
  66. I wrote that in my jdate profile, too.
  67. I like to watch rugby.
  68. I can easily sit on the couch and watch bad tv all day long.
  69. I'm generous.
  70. I am very sentimental.
  71. I save everything, but haven't become a pack rat - yet.
  72. I take lots, and lots, and lots of photos.
  73. I'm very sensitive to criticism
  74. I've saved every letter I've ever received.
  75. I'm not good at small talk.
  76. I'm not good at "networking/mingling."
  77. I don't have a poker face.
  78. I often don't have a good "self-censor" - give out too much information.
  79. Am comfortable talking to others about their feelings.
  80. Not so comfortable talking about my own.
  81. I hate it when people stop to talk on their cell phones 1) on staircases, 2) in front of entrances.
  82. I want my kids to have everything their hearts desire.
  83. I don't want to have spoiled kids.
  84. I wish my marriage had worked.
  85. I'm very glad to be out of it.
  86. My favorite candies are Pineapple Lumps and Circus Peanuts. (Not together.)
  87. I love kissing.
  88. I love being kissed.
  89. I love "old people" food like stewed prunes and borscht. (Not togther.)
  90. Wonder how/where I am going to keep all my kids art and school work for the next 20 or so years.
  91. Still don't know the metric system.
  92. In one bored moment or another have probably Googled everybody I know. And even some I don't.
  93. Constantly wonder what it is in me that causes/allows/makes me keep this blog.
  94. And my other blog, too!
  95. Don't like the color I've painted my toenails, but can't be bothered removing and repolishing.
  96. Can't believe I'm almost done!
  97. Am very jealous of those people who can decorate a house/themselves from stuff in a thrift shop.
  98. Am jealous of people who can decorate a house. Period.
  99. (Speaking of period...) I sometimes become a different person when I have PMS.
  100. I'm happy.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Congratulations! (to me!)

Because, after all, it IS my blog. And if I can't congratulate myself here, where CAN I congratulate myself?!?

But I suppose you're wondering what it is this time?!? "She's always congratulating herself for something!"

I'll tell ya'. The last post on this blog was: My 100th Post! (which of course makes this one the 101st...)

Hey, just wondering.... what does that mean for a person who has two blogs...? I should get extra kudos, dontcha think?
Ok. I'm waiting.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I read it in your blog

So, you guys know, how when you're with somebody you tell little stories, anecdotes, share events that have happened in your life.... Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll went out last night w/J & I'd start to tell him this amusing little thing that happened the other day... and....

"I know. I read it in your blog."

Kinda laugh and move on to the next still somewhat amusing (although not nearly as amusing as the first) annecdote..... and......

"Oh, right, I know. I remember. I read it in your blog."

(Which for some reason has brought into my head that Dickies song: "Got it at the Store." "Where did you get it? I got it at the store!" and so on. A great, great song.... that I slam danced to at CBGB's in a past life... But you see how I got there? Read it in your blog = Got it at the Store. Go with me on this one, guys! ANd it's a better song than "Stuck in a Pagoda with Tricia Toyota"[never knew there was the line about Abe Vigoda in there, but it makes sense...] or "Bowling with Bedrock Barney.")

So tell me, oh wise and wonderous Blog readers - what's a blogger to do?(Blogger!! Hee!) I mean, besides going off on totally meaningless tangents - which I can obviously do very well. (If I do say so myself.)

Maybe I should just start makin' shit up.

Fake your Internet Death

Ok, posted this on my other blog, too - but I thought this video was hilarious. Check it out.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sooo, let's see....

So, I gave notice at my part-time job. She was a bit freaked, but ok. I have a mouse in my apartment. Max got all his cavities filled and was trooper through the whole thing. I have a mouse in my apartment. We're getting started planning my mom's 70th birthday party, even though it's not 'til October - but that's a good thing. I have a mouse in my apartment. Gwen, my wonderful babysitter cleaned the carpet in my apartment when I mentioned today that I wasn't sure what to do with it (it's handmade, wool - probably too expensive to have cleaned, but getting too dirty to live with). I have a friggin' mouse in my friggin' apartment!!!

And, the worst thing is, it's making me a freak. I don't mind animals. I'll hold a snake, have a pet hamster, go on all those natureish kinda things... But this is freakin' me the hell out!!! I hear it nibbling, nibbling, nibbling... and I'm afraid to open up a cabinet & see it!

The logical me knows that if I open up the cabinet door & it's in there it'll scoot away, but somehow I feel like this giant thing will jump out at me.

Ok. Just saw it. That's ok. It personalized it a bit for me now. It's kinda cute. In a cage.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


My two boys, on their ride-on firetrucks, chasing a girl (probably about 8 or so years old) riding on a Barbie Jeep, through the playground.

She was trying so hard to be cool and ignore them, and they just kept doggedly at it. It was like watching Benny Hill for the elementary school set!