Thursday, May 18, 2006

Got nothing to say

So, I'm starting this post with absolutely no theme in mind. No premise. No thought. Not even a germ. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

So.... nice weather we're having, huh?

Oh - here's a thought. I'm supposed to do the AIDS Walk on Sunday. But.... it might rain. The money I've raised, including some that I am donating myself, will go directly to AWNY - if I walk or not. Soooooo am I really bad if I don't.

Rhetorical question, by the way. I don't want to know if you think I'm bad if I don't walk. Just keep it to yourself. "That Amy, she's a baaaaddd person - comitting to something and not following through... I hope it's not indicative of other aspects of her life."

It's not. It's not! I promise!!! It's just that.... well.... it being on a Sunday morning...and it being early on a Sunday morning... Well... and rain is wet... You know.

Maybe I should quit while I"m ahead.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

One Angry Black Bitch

One Angry Black Bitch

Thanks for the recommendation, Gwen. I really like it. THis sounds cliche - but it's honest & real.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Blogging Moms

So I'm starting to find all these momblogs: Dotmoms, etc. I found one: Bloggermommies -that I thought sounded interesting & was going to sign up until I read the requirements.


No negativity? Complaining? Hostility? Whining?

Sorry. Can't do that. And I think, quite honestly, I'd be afraid to read the blogs of the mothers who COULD.

Great, just great

Yes, I know this isnt' a good photo -- but for some reason I kinda like it.... ANyhow - Max's actual birthday is Wednesday & I sent his teacher a note if I send in anything. She said yes, and looking forward to seeing you then: Wed at 1:10 pm.


So, I've been tossing around the idea of calling in sick - but I hate doing that. I was off last Thurs for this other job, and left early last week to take Max to the Dentist...

So, finally decided NOT to go to the party when this morning Max says: "Mom, are you coming into my school Wednesday - for my birthday - like Andrea's Mom did?" (Sword meet my heart.) Then he says: "I had a dream last night that I was at school and I was going to the bathroom with my friend Michael - and I came back to the classroom and you were there."

What? Could you stab me again, please?

So - I'm at a loss. Do I tell them and then only work 'til about 11:45am? DOes that make sense? Do I take another (legal) day? Do I call in sick? Do I not go to Max's school?

I hate this shit.
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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Love this shot. These kids are all such characters! Posted by Picasa


I don't even know if he got a strike, but his pure pride in himself... well, hey - everybody should be their own cheerleader, right? Posted by Picasa

Some Thoughts on Sharing

So, could somebody please explain this whole sharing thing to me? I mean, I feel like I'm pretty well socialized - you know make and keep friends, play well with others.... but I just don't know the rules.

Like, if one kid is playing with something - intently involved in it & another comes over & wants to take one of the pieces to play with - why should he be able to? I'd be like: "Go find something else to do."

But I feel like I'm in the minority.

And now Max got all this stuff for his birthday. (Ok, not tons of stuff - because we didn't have a huge party, but) and Nathan wants to play with it, too. Especially the Power Rangers. (Which goes back to that post on Gwen's Blog & the fact that Max got a Weather Station, some great books, an Ice Maker [more about that later] and Polar Animals... but he was all about the Power Rangers.)

He got about 6 of them & of course can't play with ALL OF THEM at once, but... and Nathan wants to play with one. Logic would say: Let the kid play with one, and Max has the other five... BUT, they're his new special toy....

Oy, the battles. Which weren't helped by the fact that some people (umm, my parents) wanted Max to share, while I was telling Nathan to look elsewhere.

All in all, a good party. Waiting for the photos to upload before I post about that.