Friday, December 29, 2006

ThursdayFriday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I'd Like For The New Year (As if this wasn't the most absolutely obvious topic! And no, these are NOT resolutions - more like wishes.)
1…. To be able to do the Thursday Thirteen if not regularly, then at least on Thursdays.

2.... To be able to complete all my paperwork for work.

3.... To win the lottery (see, told you they were wishes!)

4.... To play the lottery (I know, I know - gotta play to win!)

5.... To finally take the summer toe nail polish off my toes... what's left of it.

6.... To finally be divorced. (You knew THAT one was coming!)

7.... To get up the will to have my apartment painted. (It's just that, you know, the chaos that ensues... having to take all the stuff off the walls, the chaos that ensues, having to move all the books, wall unit... and well... the chaos that ensues plays a small role in that as well.)

8.... To figure things out with my mom: Why I'm so angry every time I go there and see them.

9.... Even though I know this is obvious, I suppose I should put it in writing: To have everyone I love remain happy, healthy, strong and safe.

10.... To find some time to at least go running again (this is NOT a resolution... just something I"d like for 2007) it's been too long and I need it for body and soul.

11.... To spend more time w/J (although that kinda contradicts number 10... but maybe we could run together.)

12.... To take my kids to Disney World.

13.... For myself to be happy, healthy, strong and safe.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So I'm thinkin'....

I'm thinking that I might ask the attorney who will be reviewing the divorce agreement if it's ok to put something in the agreement saying something along the lines of...."Each parent should provide the children with their own sleeping area (beds or sleeping bags), some toys, some books, and a place to keep these belongings."

I don't think X has that. But I'm unsure whether this is something that should be/has to be legislated. Like if he can't/won't do it on his own... what does it mean if legally (MOUSE JUST RAN UNDER MY CHAIR!) I "make" him?

And I have to stop asking Max. The other day I asked him if X had any books for them there & Max goes: "Oh yes, he has the whole Captain Underpants Series! The whole thing! More than you do!"

Call me a cynic, but I doubt X even knows who Captain Underpants is... But I can see that Max is protecting his Dad & I don't want it to become like that...

Just kinda strange to me... He has seen them, literally, about 2 1/2 days so far this month. Does not call in between. Has nothing set up for them at home, picks out their presents for them with them.. had no time to get them before, you know... because he has oh so many other things taking up his time. Huh?!?!

I know, this is who he is. Can't change it. But I hope I don't stop getting pissed off by it.


THIS is what I need! Then I'll be able to track how much I'll get off when the Ipod goes on sale...

(This season is obviiously, obviously getting to me - and not in the good way!)


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Somebody - stop me!

Ok, I totally have a bug in my butt (great expression, huh?) for one of these: The new Ipod shuffle.
The thing is, I already have an ipod - the bigger one - which means... and hear me when I say this: I DO NOT NEED ONE.
But damn! They're so cute! They're so small!! And they're.... well... they're pretty affordable considering the price of an Ipod.... (can you hear me talking myself into it? Stop! Stop! You do NOT have expendable income!! Must NOT BUY!!)
But honestly.... I didn't buy myself anything this year for Chanukah.... Ok - got those shoes on sale at Zappos... but they were only about $20... and I (kind of) needed them... and Ok - got some stuff from The Body Shop... but most of it was paid for with a gift card...
(What do you think? I'm pretty good at the ole' rationalization when I need one. Pretty much perfected the skill in my 40 some odd years...)
Maybe for a valentines' day present to myself....