Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cooperative Village - History

Cooperative Village - History

These are the co-ops where the seniors I work with live.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Saying the Pledge

Max led the kindergarteners and the audience in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Is this why you've all been...

dare I say it... Idol?

"More than 63 million votes were cast, "more than any president in the history of our country has received," Seacrest said."

Ok, so, I don't watch it - so I can't really comment... but I think some people (not me - I have too much to think about already) need to do some serious thinkin' 'bout the next presidential election....

Can you remember.....

Can you remember? Think back, to a time oh, not so long ago.... That's it.... thiiiiinnnkkkk... Maybe it was about a week or so ago - or maybe just a wee bit more... Are you there? Are you with me?
Ok, so we've gotten to that place that was a week or so ago... We all kinda remember where our minds were at that time, right.

SO, what I'm wondering right about now... which would be about two or so weeks from how we all were... oh - two and a half weeks ago...

What I'm wondering is.....Well, without beating around the bush, which is what I suppose I'm kinda doing - but, what I'm wondering is...


Come on, guys - show me some love!

I thank you very much. :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What's a little OCD Between Friends?

Ok, so, I'm getting ready for bed & I notice that my favorite baseball cap is not where it usually is. I got this cap on my trip to Pt. Reyes, CA last summer - so not only do I like it - but I have a sentimental attachment to it. I should also note that Max covets it - since it has a dragon fly on it - but I will not let him have it...

SO - the cap is not there. Ok. So, I look around. Not there. Under the bed? Nope. Frantic! Scouring the apartment!


Dying, absolutely DYING to call my sitter & ask her if she's seen it...but of course it's much too late to call over something as trivial as this...

And yet... and yet... and yet.... I can't find it and I can't get to sleep!

Ok. Feel better now. I"m sure there will be some sort of explanation for this in the morning.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Field Trip Tribune

Max went on a field trip to see a play - "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" I don't know if you can see it - but I love the audience shot. Posted by Picasa

THe Candy Man Can?

Yeah, well - I haven't posted in a while - so I'm making up for it now. I felt a little crappy over the weekend - plus my sitter was sick -- so that threw everything into a bit of chaos. We're both ok now, though.

SO - I'm noticing this new thing that kids are doing on the subway. It used to be that they would go around selling those boxes of M&M's - for about a dollar - on the subway. THey were ostensibly for school fundraisers. Who knows if they were or weren't - but that was how they were presented & if we wanted to buy, we would buy.

BUT, lately I've seen teenage boys come into the subway cars and say: "Ladies and Gentlemen - excuse me for the interuption but I'm selling this candy. And Ladies and Gentlemen - this isn't for any school - I'm selling this to make money for myself - so that I don't do anything bad and so I can buy more candy. So, if you want to - please buy some candy - or give a donation." (Italics added.)

My first thought: 1) Where did he get the money to buy the candy in the first place? 2) What the fuck?!?

NOw listen - I used to sell stuff on the sidewalk outside my house. I'm not against kids selling stuff to make extra spending money. And MAYBE one could argue that for urban kids the subway is their front yard? (It would be a tough argument, but...) BUT - when I did that I was about 10 YEARS OLD - and COULD NOT work and I didn't ask for "donations" and I didn't use veiled threats, either.

If they even just LIED and said they were selling the candy for their school... well... I could deal with that. I have dealt with it. This just pisses me off.

These are young, seemingly able-bodied, English speaking kids. There is no reason on earth that they should be doing this. They're not saying they're homelss, they're not saying they are sick - all they're saying is give me money. Really.

And please - don't tell me there are no jobs to be had. These kids can't be raking in the big bucks doing this - there ARE jobs that would pay more than this - I know. So I just don't get it? This is more fun? Glamorous?

Is there some sort of candy money laundering thing I don't know about and these kids actually rake in hundreds of dollars per M&M box they sell!?! Did I miss that ad on Craigs list?

When Worlds Collide

THis morning I experienced the convergence of two worlds. My boyfriend (like how I always put that in italics? Oh, you didn't notice? Well, you will now.) was going to be right up the street this morning & I just felt... well... it's just strange not to have some sort of acknowledgement of that.

Plus, I wanted to give the poor guy some coffee (even though just decaf) - since he's doing this massive, horrendous commute.

SO ANYHOW, (do I say that in all my postings? I"m going to have to go back & check.) I invited him to come up and I'd give him a cuppa to go.

So, I told the kids that my friend was going to stop by & I was going to give him a cup of coffee - and he did. And I can't even describe how it was. (So why am I writing about it, you ask, if I can't describe it? I'll tell you - I don't know. But here in our little village of Annetevka... Sorry. Living in my own private joke world.) I guess I"m writing about it to help sort it out in my own mind.

You know, the two worlds had always been so separate - and so purposefully separate. Ever since I started dating a year or so ago -- I'd never talk to guys when the kids were up, only go out when they're w/the X, etc, etc... two separate worlds.

But this morning, here they all were - all in the same room. Annnnddddd...... It was ok. It was fine. It was normal. No great thunder crashes, or earth trembling...

It was totally cool.