Thursday, August 16, 2007

Punk Rock Girl

Anybody remember that song? Punk Rock Girl? The Dead Milkmen? I used to love that song, Bitchin' Camaro. "Bitchin' Camaro, bitchin Camaro, donuts on your lawn! Bitchin Camaro, bitchin Camaro, Tony Orlando and Dawn!" Classic! (And I"m not going to go into the "Taking the Retards to the Zoo song....)

So anyhow, I started thinking about this last week, when I went to the Crowded House Concert. (Which was absolutely positively GREAT!) and was reminded when I read this post by MetroDad -- how I used to go to concerts all the time. I used to be so hip. So cool. So up on music. I'd go to CBGB. I'd go slam dancing. (OK. Once. At a Dickies concert @ CBs - when I soon realized that my 5'2" frame was far, far too small to do that with those BIG BOYS with combat boots....) (And how random is it that they have a Dickies posting on Wikipedia?!?)

So there I was, sitting in my $50 seat, at the Beacon Theater. Sitting. With other people who were also sitting. Nicely. Drinking bottled water. Listening to music that was very nearly easy listening. Augh!

(Yes, yes! I admit it! I'm a music snob! A terrible, horrible music snob!!!)

I'd go to a concert a month. We (my friends and I - mostly my friend Susan -- but I brought and converted everyone!) were Fishbone groupies, would go to bars just to hear random bands...

And OK. The point is. Here I am now, at the concert and it's 9:30 pm and I'm looking at my watch. "It's 9:30! It hasn't started yet! I'm already tired!" I got home after 1 am and was dead the next day.

What happened? How did it happen? When did it happen? I didn't notice it happening!!

I'm still kinda cool, right? Right?

(And don't get me started about the CBs closing & that bloody Hilly Kristal not doing anything, and the press not picking up at all that he wasn't paying rent to a organization that serves the homeless, for crying out loud. Yeah, I have a couple of strong opinions. Just don't get me started on Whole Foods....)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well, it's done

I hired somebody. I hired a new babysitter. Amazing how this thing can be so big, and then all of a sudden.... it's solved. Over. Done. Next.

I interviewed about 6 different people, and the woman that I hired will actually be great! She is a college student, studying to be a teacher... a bit older than a traditional student, is personable, articulate, sweet, has a ready laugh, my boys like her.... and got the best references I've ever heard. For anybody.

It was between her and a local high school student. The high school student was also very sweet, seemed responsible, dedicated to the job - and local. Also $2 cheaper... But when it came down to it - I just couldn't do the 16 year old thing... I know, I know, I babysat when I was that age.... and I was responsible... but when I was presented with this other sitter (who I hired) well - it was no contest.

(Plus my mom said I should hire the more expensive one, but we won't go there. Not in this post. But honestly.... sometimes she is right. And sometimes, as much as I balk at it.... sometimes she does have some good advice....)

I made one mistake in the process. I mistakenly thought that X would be able to take part. Take part, that is, as a "normal" responsible parent. (Stop laughing.)

He started out ok... of course there were the "what color is she" questions and the "I don't like the Irish" comments... but I'm pretty used to those & able to deflect. He mentioned one time that he'd like to take part in the interviews.... but when I gave him times & dates... wouldn'tcha know... he had previous engagements! So I did it on my own.

But, I'd tell him about the interviewees & he actually seemed to have some good ideas... but I realized... too late - that it was (say it with me now) All About The Money.

'Cause that's what it always is with him, isn't it.

He kept advocating for the HS girl, and I wasn't really sure why... then when I told him I wanted the college one - who was $2 more... he made it very clear. He does not want to spend that much. That extra $100 or so per month will make a difference.... (I didn't tell him I already offered the College Girl the job....)

I don't know. It's strange. We're supposed to be co-parenting.... but oops! I sometimes forget he's a co-parent! Sometimes I've made "bad" mistakes, like taking the kids on vacation & not telling him, or signing them up for some class without talking to him about it. It's not right. It's not fair. Really. If I want him to co-parent I really need to include him. Right?

I just feel like everything comes down to money for him. And while I fully realize that money is VERY important.. .and just because I work non-profit I *do* realize the value of a buck. But, well, I guess I realize the value of my kids more. (He'd argue that saving for their future is caring more... I'd argue that giving them a good foundation in which to have that future is better... Wrong or right? I don't know. Probably just two different ways of looking at the world...)

So, where am I going with this? Kinda off track.... I guess the point was, I hired the Super College Girl Sitter for $12/hour and will not be taking the High Schooler for $10. I feel more comfortable with CGS, feel like she'll help with their homework more, feel like she'll be more confident in terms of what to do with/for them, and dang it - I'll just feel more at ease. I figure that's worth and extra $40/week? Right?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Away

It was really nice. Really relaxing. More details to follow.
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