Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thoughts on an "Important Job"

So I started this whole long post - was pretty much done with it - wanted to check one thing... and Poof! Gone! What's THAT all about?! I wonder if I can recreate it.... But you know, all the thought, magic, that... I don't know what - that je ne se qua - that goes into the creation of a post. Can I recreate it? Can I rebuild?

The post was brought on by a comment made by the X. He had the kids one night & called me early the next morning - Could I make Max lunch that day. He had been too busy to go food shopping. When I mentioned that I had been just a wee bit busy myself, he said something about having an Important Job.

I immediately agreed: "Yes, yes, your job is so much more important..."

What?!? YOu're thinking: "Did the pod people come and take over Amy?!?" Actually, I just let it go. I've at least gotten one thing out of my paying my shrink the big bucks - and that's the fact that try as I might, I can't change the X's world view. So, just learn how to deal with it.

So,anyhow, that just got me thinking about the value one puts on ones' job. Like I love being a social worker. Since I started I realized that it is just the job for me. Tailor made. But, notice that I don't write about social work stuff on this blog. And I'm not a member of a social work blogring.

Still, my most important job is the Mom job.

I'm staying at my three day a week job because they appreciate and respect that there. They know I'll do my job & work hard, but they also know and respect that family is very important. And that I'm a single mom.

I've worked at places where it was hell taking off a few hours in the morning... and I'm not going to go through that again.

Then the other thought train that this took me on was the fact how the X does not see it like that. (Yes, I know - read above paragraph re: shrink & changing his world view...)

But it makes me sad - and I'm not really sure who for - that he's so tangentially involved in their lives. He has them for about 9-10 nights a month & when he doesn't have them it's as if they're not there.

And I understand that he really took/takes his role as the primary bread winner seriously. He can't take off days, or leave early... His theory was that if I'm working the crunchy non-profit job, one of us needs to make the money to support us in the lifestyle we've become accustomed to... Whatever.

So, what? Where am I going with this? Is it random babbling, or does it actually have a point? (Does anybody really know what time it is?) Importance is in the eye of the beholder, and the relative worth that job brings to the person? I 'spose.

But DAMN he pissed me off.


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