Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I've been found out

So, you know how I like to pretend to be this normal, non-neurotic, calm, composed, relaxed, go with the flow, unflappable mother? Well, it turns out I'm really not.

Oh. You already knew that? Well thanks a whole heck of a lot for filling me in!

THe revelation started last Monday, at Max's parent teacher conference. I wrote all about it on the other blog. There I was seemingly all unconcerned about Max's grades... but who knew the monster that lurked inside?!?

Right. You're saying once again that YOU knew?!? So once again I simply must thank you for spreading your infinite knowledge my way.

Today I brought Nathan in to his pediatritian to see if he felt that he might need speech therapy. Nathan does not pronounce his "BLs" "CL's" "PLs", etc - so since he goes into kindergarten next year, I'm thinking that if anything needs to be done, I should start now.

So the doctor looks at Nathan. Listens to Nathan. And looks at me. "You know" he says "In MY day, kids didn't go for speech evaluations, for speech therapy - and most of us speak pretty well today. Nowadays it's a booming business - and I'm not saying that most children don't need it, but I am saying that lots of children get it."

Oh sure. I "get it" too.

I used to be like that - before kids. I used to be so much more relaxed... you know - don't worry until there's something to worry about... or "she'll be alright, mate." That sort of stuff.

Now when I really think of myself as one of those "more relaxed" moms... well... maybe I'm really not.

Anybody have the name of a good speech therapist?

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Julie said...

I was never fooled. :)
BTW, you can see if your public schools provide early intervention speech therapy. They do in Florida, and heaven knows we don't have the best schools (by far).