Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thirteen Things about My High School Years that Make me Smile (not wince) at their memory. (I guess enough time has passed...)

1…. Being old enough to take advantage of "Open Campus" and actually leaving the school grounds during the school day. (On a free period. Of course. Not when I'd have class! Never do that!)

2... Walking down the street singing Baba O'Reily (The Who) w/H. (Nope, not wincing yet!)

3... Laughing hysterically w/H. about pygmies getting hit on the head with pieces of the falling Skylab. (Remember that?) And how they'd have to wear skylab crash helmets.

4... Sneaking out the side door at school and drinking "surprise" which was soda in a soda bottle mixed with some sort of alcohol.

5.. Sniffing Rush in Mrs. McPartland's biology class. ("Will you kids stop sniffing whatever it is you're sniffing back there and pay attention!" And this was at a nice suburban school - can you say: "What a different time?!?" What do you think a teacher would do NOW?!

6... Writing my term paper on Radical Groups of the 60's, and wishing oh so much that I was a teenager back then...

7... Daydraming about Jim Morrison....

8... Daydreaming about Mick Jagger...

9... Getting tickets through the ticket lottery for the Rolling Stones concert ("Still LIfe" I think) with Maggie and sitting with her while she was tripping on two (not one, but two) hits of mescaline. (She had taken one before and it "did nothing" so why not take two when she's with ME?!)

10. Maggie getting 100% on her English exam the next day(I did NOT) while she was up all night still tripping.

11... Putting my "Question Authority" pin on my bag and feeling soooo cool....

12... Seeing Al Pacino on stage in American Buffalo... ahhhh Al Pacino...

13... Having a crush on R.M. the entire four years of high school (and ok, actually a little beyond. But I'm over it now. Really.). Never talking to him 'til senior year when he started to date a friend of mine... Leading me to understand why they call it a "crush."

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Jaime said...

What a good attitude to have! I loved some things about high school. Others I could do without.

Happy TT.

slackermommy said...

I forgot about Rush! Is it still around? What was it really for?

K T Cat said...

What a rebel! :-)

My TT is up.