Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Two Questions (or maybe three)

How I ask you, HOW is a parent supposed to know when to bring a child to the Dr? Or not?

Last night Max's ankle hurt him. It was a bit red & swollen. I gave him some Motrin, told him to go to sleep & let me know how it is in the morning. This morning. Still red, swollen & sore. He would pull away when I touched it. He said "Ouch!" when he walked. He said "ouch!" when he moved it.

Did I mention we're going on vacation tomorrow?

I knew it wasn't broken.... but how could I know what else it was? How else, I ask you!?!? So, I brought him to the Dr.

And why is it that 9 out of ten times I bring my kids to the Dr. I wind up feeling like an over-worried hypochondriac mom? WHY?!?

Dr. looks, touches, prods, moves.... Tells Max "Jump up and down." Max does. On his bad food. HOW WAS I TO KNOW?!?!?

He said it's just a bruise. Doesn't need ice. Doesn't need rest. Doesn't need Motrin. No nothing.

(Now you know it's not that I WANTED him to need those things... but I might, perhaps, have felt a bit more comfortable having him miss a day of camp & me be late to work if there was at least SOMETHING wrong!


And now another question (which may or may not play into the somewhat FRANTIC tone of this post...) (You noticed it too, huh?) WHY would I have to have PMS just when I"m leaving for vacation?! Why? Where is the justice?!? It's supposed to be a calm, relaxing, have fun time... not a "OMIGOD WHAT IS GOING ON HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE AND EVERYTHING HAS TO BE EXACTLY IN IT'S RIGHT SPOT AND WHY IS THAT OVER THERE? AND WHY IS HE DOING THAT? AND WHAT DID SHE MEAN BY THAT? AND WHY CAN'T i SLEEP? AND WHY AM I SO SLEEPY?"

Ya know?

Just wondering, that's all.


myminivanisfasterthanyours said...

OMG that's the story of my life! I feel like I need to apologize on all visits except the well-checks!

Have a great vacation. LOVE the Fire Island pic. Very cool threads your parents were wearing!

Lisa said...

I think it's always better safe than sorry where kids' health is concerned, even if they are so good are hamming up the injuries for our benefits.
The PMS thing is because for a mum even going on holiday is STRESSFUL. :-) I hope you have a great time