Monday, December 10, 2007

Not to complain or anything...

So ok. I get 641 people who visit my blog the other day. And that's great. But do they come back? No. (They don't write, they don't call...)

BUT - you know what the worst thing is?!? Can I tell you?!? I don't know how many of you have statcounter... but you know how they show you a line graph? To visually show how many people view your blog? Well, when my maximum was like, 20 -- and we're talking average like 12 per day... the scale was normal. Twelve looked like a lot when 20 was the max.

And NOW! NOW! The scale is all off!!! My puny paltry 5 readers? Can't even see 'em.

Suddenly I feel so pathetically..... small.


Julie Pippert said...

Yes, I do know what you mean.

About a year ago I wrote about Barbie and then about a funny kid story and both posts got Digg'd.

Several thousand slammed my blog, I mean per day. I got maybe 10 comments, but boy were there some STRONG discussions about me on Digg, both parenting situations. Debates that could have gotten really ugly, but nice people downdigged the really mean comments, horrible personal insults. I tried to stay away from it.

And then it---all the positive and negative attention---evaporated as quickly as it came.

But it threw off my meter big time.

And it made me see how BIG my blog could be. I tried really hard to get people back. Please, look I'm interesting! Funny! Really!

But I settled right back into my groove LOL.

Vern (founder of The Good Blogs) was really nice and helpful and supportive. He explained it all, normalized it, helped me not feel like a Big Loser LOL.

I wish I could remember everything he said and pass it along to you.

There are two sets of readers: people who are niche, topical readers and who pop in on a specific topic AND loyal, care about you come by regularly readers. The first is fair-weather and the second are loyal but take time to develop.

It's unusual to get that huge surge. Vern called it an Event, and said it happens now and again. He said if one stayed or came back again? That'd be a good stat.

Take it easy. :)

Using My Words

Gwen said...

What Julie said.

Family Adventure said...

Aw...stroke, stroke, we're *still* here!

Heidi :)

niobe said...

Another reason why statcounters are evil incarnate.