Thursday, December 27, 2007

Way to go!

This evening Max came over to me. A McDonalds commercial was on TV & Max said: "Dad says that this commercial is for uneducated kids." with a kind of Can You believe it look on his face. (It was one with that song "how low can you go? Can you go down low..." Kinda a rap song? I don't know the name... so I'm obviously highly over educated...)

"What does that mean?" I ask.

He responds "I'm not sure... Dad says it's kids who say 'Yo!' and 'Dude!' but then Dad said it's ok if we say that with our friends, and not with grownups..."

"But if you're not sure what it means.." I say to him because he still has this sort of befuddled look on his face "then you should tell Dad. Ask him to explain."

He says "No, I think I understand... but people should be allowed to dance to whatever music they like... and it doesn't mean they're smart or not. It has nothing to do with how educated they are!"

Omigod! He got it! He absolutely and totally got it! In his own way, he picked up X's euphemism... and came out with his own idea that he was able to voice in a rational way.

It gives me faith. We shall prevail!

On another note... Max seems unusually obsessed with shoplifting... He asked me: "What would happen if a person walked out of a store with something in their pocket, but they didn't know it was in there, and they got caught....?" Then on two separate occasions, at Rite Aid and at K-Mart, as I was paying for my items Max came up to the register, pointed to whichever toy he brought in with him, and said to the cashier "I got this at {wherever} and brought it in with me."

I asked him why he's been thinking about this so much, and he went kinda silent. I'm not ready for this, Dudes. Yo. I am just. Not. Ready.


Julie Pippert said...

Oh wow, I am probably close to as curious as you about why shoplifting is eating at him. Some code is holding him silent.

I think the "why" is the biggest deal in parenting. Kids always have one but it's hard to get it articulated in an understandable way.

I want my kids to have those words, to force their brains to think instead of just react.

And a big WOO HOO about the commercial discussion. You shall prevail!

Using My Words

Family Adventure said...

Good for Max. I think that's pretty amazing insight, really. You have reason to be proud.

But I'm thinking he's either heard or seen something about shoftlifting that has him worried. A friend? Or, per chance, dad saying something without thinking it through? Hmmm...