Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don't laugh

 But I'm stymied.  Absolutely and totally stymied.  I have to make a decision.  One of absolutely utmost importance.  I mean, if I mess up on this decision... the repercussions will be endless.  Endless!!

So you get the seriousness of this, right?

You're concerned?

You're in this with me?  How can you help?  What can you do?  What can be done to ease this?

I thank you.  I thank you for your concern.  It touches me.

The issue is:  Haircuts.

I'll wait for a minute while you gather yourselves.  Catch your breath.  Have a seat.  Maybe somebody can bring you a glass of cold water....

I have huge haircut issues.  For myself and for my boys.  Since their first haircut I had brought them to a children's salon out on Long Island - where my parents are.  But the woman who cut their hair.... well... it pains me to say this but she --- left.  With nary a word.  So I was stranded.

Brought the boys to the local Super Cuts and their hair was butchered!  (Swat team was called in.  That woman will no longer be cutting hair.)

Then the next time I brought them to this little trendy hipster place in the East Village.  $60 later they had trendy little hipster haircuts....  AND they still looked the same as the other   haircuts!  Imagine how thrilled I was to spend that much more on haircuts!  But,  now I could say they "get their hair cut in the East Village."  Instead of Long Island.  So you get it why it's worth it for me to pay nearly double the price?  Right?

Yeah.  Me too.


Their hair is getting long & I looked at my calendar... and... as scary as this sounds there's literally no free weekend to get their hair cut until mid July!  So, I started thinking that I'd take the day off after their last day of school -- take them out in Manhattan, have a fun day, get their hair cut at their cool, hip, trendy East Village haircuttery.... but then realized I'd be taking time off two days that week -- so I can't really take that day off.


My father offered to take them to his.......




Like with shears.  Razors.  Red, white and blue poles... And... bowl cuts!  And shaved heads!!


I'm making myownself sick!  THe stupid thing about this is I really don't like it when guys go to "salons" - I'm a total minimalist when it comes to grooming and guys... but for some reason... when it comes to my kids.... I'm going through this whole snobby thing...(Said in snooty voice:) "No child of mine will go to a ... a... barber!"  And I'm even entertaining the thought of taking them to my old salon and paying over $35 each!

Am I mad?

I think so.

And I can't even believe this is a "thing".

And I can't even believe I'm blogging about this.

But I do believe in fairies!

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Julie Pippert said...

Barbers can do a great job. Will it appall you to know that I used a barber in Cambridge? He was half the cost and did a good job!

I'm a minimalist all the way around (of course, less and less as I age and get to be higher and higher maintenance, but that's another story).

Let them do the bonding things with Grandpa at the barber. It's practically a rite of passage. Whatever happens, the experience will be worth it. :)

Family Adventure said...

Having paid 50 bucks for lousy cuts in Norway, nothing fazes me anymore. Having said that, my husband takes our boys to a barber all the time, and they do a good job with their hair. BETTER than those hack jobs in Norway.

I say give it a bad can it be?! It's only hair, it'll grow out again, right?


Anonymous said...

Finally!!!!!! Someone spoke up about being forced to get your hair cut in a salon!!!! It just isn't right!!!! Of course I mean for men or boys. I hate to go to a salon and have a GIRL cut my hair. Now don't get me wrong, they sometimes do a good job, sometimes not so good. They are at least, if not more, skilled as any BARBER I have ever gone to.
But I actually hate the setting!!! I remember getting my hair cut where the men smoked cigars, the boys read comic books, and there was a guy in the corner shining shoes! I also remember my Dad bringing my little sister along and the Barber saying,"You want your hair cut too?"
Of course everyone laughed. No Guy ever cut a girl's hair, just as no woman was ever a barber.
I don't miss the Barber, just the Barber Shop. Besides, I only have a little hair left, and I think $15 is too much for the amount they have to cut.
Remember this one thing: It always grows back! What the heck, let the Barber cut their hair!


Gwen said...

Totally go for the barber. You have the same chance of getting them a decent haircut and it'll be cheaper. And I love the idea of barbering with Grandpa.

Magpie said...

Totally hand it over to Grandpa.

Or cut it yourself.

My mother cut my hair until I was about 40. I kid you not. And now I cut my kid's hair.

Tracy said...

I say go with the barber (although, Ryan's gone to Astor Place Hair in the past and it wasn't horrible -- and it's cheap from what I remember) -- it will be one less thing you have to do, since it sounds like you're pretty busy these days.

I had no idea it could be so expensive for a boys' haircut!! You'd think I would know this, but I guess I've been fortunate to have a kid who shaves his head at the cost of $12. Of course, that's every two weeks, so I suppose it does come out to about the same... maybe even more. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

I am snob-tastical on a fairly regular basis, and I have no qualms at all about taking E to the barber. I find that they are much better equipped to cut "boy hair," having dealt with it on a regular basis.

Head on over to the dark side.


Poker Chick said...

It's easy for me to say because I don't have boys but I say go for the barber shop. And this is a snob talking to you.