Thursday, April 20, 2006

He's not dishonest, he's just cheap.

Remember? Way back when? When people read and commented on my blogs? Oh, those were certainly the days! (hint, hint people!!)

So anyhow, the quote was from today's mediation session. I do believe that about my X. Like if he tells me is worked out a fair payment for my student loan - I believe him. But I"m still pissed off he doesn't want to pay for summer camps. I think this chapter is almost done, though.

I went to my doctor today - for my yearly physical. I find her very comforting. She really sits and listens to me -- about my life, not just my physical being. I was there an hour and a half. Told her about my split up, about my life now, how I get no sleep (kids in & out of my bed all night long. Yes, yes, I know - be quiet Dr. Freud!) etc. I like the holisticness (word?) about it - how she knows ME - so that because I"m stressed/tired I"m more likely to get sick. So we talk about that. I also like that she's a working mom - so when I talk about not having the time that I"d like to work out, she knows what I"m talking about.

Also - this is interesting. WHen we were talking about gyms she said how she would never go (she is VERY fit!) because of all the bacteria.... Yick!

Got about 100 million tests run - so hopefully they're all ok (you hear that, Cholesterol?!?)

Here's a question for my non-exixtent readers: When does one cross the threshold from "date" to boyfriend/girlfriend? Not that I'm thinking about that at all or anything.... But hypothetically. You know, since I want you all to "Come ALong" (YEs, I know it's cheesy - I'll think of something else!) I just try and try to keep this interesting. This might sometimes mean that I bring something in that relates only tangentially to my life.

Has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I've been dating this guy for over a month and really like him and am totally overwhelmed by the whold thing.

Nothing at all.

By the way - went here yesterday & if any of you non-new yorkers come into the city - GO THERE! It's so great...

Oh, here's something (what was that comment about too much stream of consiousness?!? Keep it to yourself!) THis morning Max mentioned how the X's dad will be coming to visit him next week & how he is an "Alcohol Addict." It's gonna be interesting. I told Max that this is a private thing, and he probably would not want to talk about it too much with X-in-law... Oy.

Ok, ok - I'm done! Gotta make sure there's some print here... since there are certainly NO COMMENTS!


jfkmusic said...

Think we've past that threshold.

ALM said...

Ya' think?