Monday, June 26, 2006

An Act of Altruism

So, you won't guess what I did today. You won't. I promise. But try. Guess. One little wee guess! It has to do with something I've written about recently....

Oh ok, ok - I'll tell you: I gave up a lump. A pineapple lump. Now, I want you to fully understand the significance of this. I like candy, it's true. And I like chocolate - that is also true - but I usually have pretty good will power. Like I have this box of delicious chocolates that my wonderful boyfriend got for me & I'm waiting for us both to eat them. Unfortunately, it seems that we just always start watching videos & forget about them.... !!!!

But, I'm saying this to put it into some sort of context for you. I love the lumps. I have devoured the bag - except for about 5 of them. (ANd oh, ok - the bunch I brought to the office last Friday .... so I suppose I shared a bit -- but honestly: I cringed when they took seconds...)

But, I was eating some today, and who should come over - but Max. "Mom, can I have a lump?" Caught!!

I gave him one, and we talked about how they're my most favorite candy - and how they only have them in New Zealand & how his dad said that we could never move to NZ because I"d eat too many of them. (Luckily he does not realize the tone that statement took when it was directed at me - from X.)

He thought it was so cool. So...... I....... I...... I still can't believe it but..... I....... (suspence killing you?)

Gave him a bunch as a surprise in his snack tomorrow for lunch.

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