Thursday, July 06, 2006


Do you hear that sound? Come on, lean in a bit more.... closer.... closer.... now, do you hear it? It's the sound of me relaxing! Yes! Oh, you're saying you've never heard that before - so why should I expect you to know what it is? Ok. Fair enough. I'm not even sure I recognize it myself... but I'm feelin' pretty good - and that's the emotion of choice at the moment.

AND, to make that relaxation even more complete... J and I are going to Newport, RI this weekend! (And the Crowd Went Wild!) I know. I can hardly believe it myself!! We are staying at the Jailhouse which is kinda funny considering they don't even know us and they've already decided where we belong. (Ok. Poor, poor joke. But staying at a place called "The Jailhouse" just screams out for poor poor jokes. Doesn't it?)

So, right now I'm trying to decide what to pack. Two nights, two days. Not too difficult, right. Right. But remember who is typing this blog, and the issues I even had getting myself dressed for WORK this morning!!! (And did I ever tell you that I forgot to pack jeans when I went to NZ? Oh. I did? Well, it's a good story - could you blame me!?!)

So, we got the night-time outfit dilemma: pants vs skirt vs dress. What will the weather be like? Then daytime- shorts, shirts... Pants? Shoes? And..... the dreaded... BATHING SUIT! Even last summer - at my skinny skinniest I managed to avoid it. So, ok. I put it on.... And..... I guess I won't sent crowds screaming away in horror, but .... ok - saw the little wee bit of backfat (which I never thought of before ever in MY LIFE until I read that stupid NYTimes article!) and - ok -- here goes. I'm gonna say it.


Passable, though - and guess I'm gonna have to deal with that.

So, you know I won't be postin' this weekend - but I'll have boatloads of photos upon my return - so start resting your eyes now...

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Gwen said...

Have fun on your trip! I love Newport! Hopefully it's just warm enough to wear skirts, but not so warm that you have to put the swimsuit on .....