Monday, July 10, 2006

Still have the post-vacation buzz...

Had a great, amazing, super, fantabulous time in Newport. We had perfect weather, stayed at a place that was perfectly located, had perfect food, perfect drink, my hair always looked perfect, my clothes fit perfectly, I was perfectly witty, as was he, and we were just the perfect couple in our perfectly perfect world of perfection.

I'm being silly, but it really really was great. It's amazing to me, but each time we're together I just grow to like him more and more.... to the point where it's really overwhelming to me. I've been doing lots of thinking about this. (Ok, so, I do lots of thinking about everything. My navel has been gazed at so much that it feels like it's living in it's own reality TV show!) (This is, of course, not to be confused with the Naval gazer - the person who loveslovesloves Fleet Week!) Living with somebody who was so miserable to me - I was able to get up a pretty good shell & probably have accumulated enough credits for at least a Ph.D. in rationalization. I think that EX did a pretty good job at hacking at it -- the shell, that is -- but I also think that having him live so far away... and while there was the chance he would move here... well...let's just say now he just found out it wouldn't be at least for another four years... so... Pretty safe way for me to get back in.

So, I think now it's really starting to hit me. This is real. It's official. I love him.

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