Monday, July 17, 2006

Sooo, let's see....

So, I gave notice at my part-time job. She was a bit freaked, but ok. I have a mouse in my apartment. Max got all his cavities filled and was trooper through the whole thing. I have a mouse in my apartment. We're getting started planning my mom's 70th birthday party, even though it's not 'til October - but that's a good thing. I have a mouse in my apartment. Gwen, my wonderful babysitter cleaned the carpet in my apartment when I mentioned today that I wasn't sure what to do with it (it's handmade, wool - probably too expensive to have cleaned, but getting too dirty to live with). I have a friggin' mouse in my friggin' apartment!!!

And, the worst thing is, it's making me a freak. I don't mind animals. I'll hold a snake, have a pet hamster, go on all those natureish kinda things... But this is freakin' me the hell out!!! I hear it nibbling, nibbling, nibbling... and I'm afraid to open up a cabinet & see it!

The logical me knows that if I open up the cabinet door & it's in there it'll scoot away, but somehow I feel like this giant thing will jump out at me.

Ok. Just saw it. That's ok. It personalized it a bit for me now. It's kinda cute. In a cage.


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