Tuesday, August 15, 2006


So, I'm walking today with Max and he goes: "Mom, I want to get a permanent tattoo." Two women were walking by and they look at me. I look at him. He looks at me. "Kidding! I'm kidding!"


So I had a great night last night. Started off really crappy. X called about 4 times, getting on me about something that needed to be done for our divorce agreeement. I had already started doing it - but apparently it wasn't fast enough for him. He's telling me "You have to call them, call them, call them! Keep on it!" RIght. This from the man who does.... oh......: Nothing. All the emails from the mediator - he never answers, I do. I always get her all the info she asks for. Now. All of a sudden. "Get on it."

ANd then threre's the: "If we don't get this done then I'll run out of money - and if I don't have any money -then you won't." And this, of course, is my fault. And there's the: "And I don't have anybody to ask for help." ALso said like that is MY fault. Sorry. My family supports me. My fault. Wish I had one that was oh so much more dysfunctional like yours.

Then the best: "I'm going to keep calling you and calling you until it's done."

It certainly was not the worst he's ever put out. But for some reason - just hit me. I tried to psych myself out of it, but by the time I saw J later that evening & he asked: "How are you doing?" Well, the tears came. (You know how it is, when you're on the edge of tears... and can get through it unless somebody says something nice to you...)

But on to the good part of the night. We saw the Preservation Hall Jazz Band in a place called the Spiegeltent (Which I tried to upload a picture of, but for some reason I can no longer upload photos here! Gotta figure that out!) I tell you guys - this was a tent set up on Pier Seventeen - right by South Street Seaport. So, it's right on the East River - between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges (and how bummed am I right now that I can't upload any photos?!?!)

There were chairs and tables set up right on the water, there was this cool tent set up where we went inside to see the band... and the music was so good - felt like I had perma-grin on my face the whole time.

Then after we sat outside, had this amazing beer, and just looked at the Brooklyn Bridge all lit up.... so nice.....and so great...

But honestly: Every time he & I spend together is great. Truth.

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