Friday, August 11, 2006


Total vent post - so bear (bare? I never know, neither ever looks right to me...) with me. I picked up the kids today from X. He looks at me with this smirk and says: "And oh, they haven't been bathed, or fed. Sorry, I'm not Gwen [sitter]... and I guess you don't really do to much feeding of them, do you? What do you do?"

I just look at him. I say to the kids, "Oh, ok - go back with Daddy - he still has to give you dinner" but X is already walking away, and the kids were already walking towards home.

So I'm doing the ole internal seethe. Then the kids tell me they just saw "Monster House." So not appropriate for them. ANd I probably wouldn't have cared that much... but I was already so pissed off...

And the thing is - what makes it so much more frustrating - is I can't really even "yell" at him about it. He just doesn't hear. Doesn't understand. It was the whole context of our relationship - I'd ask for help w/the kids and his respose: "But I'm exhausted from work." When I'd respond that I'm exhausted, too he'd reply "but your job isn't nearly as tiring as mine. I have to be on all the time - a journalist, always, digging, digging, digging" I'd remind him that I'm at school, doing field work, and taking care of two kids - and he'd say yes, but how many hours are your classes, and Gwen does all the work, and your field work isn't "work." Never heard. Never understood. Ever.

So I know, I'd be wasting my energy on debating this with him. THis much I've learned over the years... but I still haven't figured out what to do with that frustration!

Even more frustrating is the fact that I can't seem to upload any pictures - and I had the BEST Frustration picture! The best! Take my word for it!!


Gwen said...

He is so seriously the assiest ass that ever assed.


Anonymous said...

Ditto Gwen. I don't even understand it. I mean, the bathing, okay. But not FEEDING your CHILDREN to piss off their mother? It blows my mind.