Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I know, I know

You're saying stop posting this crap and write something real! I think the thing is, I have so much floating around in that little brain of mine that it's hard. Also, the pressure of two blogs, well... I shouldn't complain.- but...

Tough being back at work after being away for two weeks. Well, not away, away - I was here - just not at work. Don't know that I'd take two weeks again... unless I was going somewhere - I feel like I missed too much at work. (And yes, I recognize how sick it is that I missed work.... but when you deal with people it's so different...)

Spent some time w/the client whose home attendant stole from her. She feels so betrayed. And after talking to the police detective (who I haven't seen yet - but heard is cute!) I feel like such a trusting fool, too. I was with the woman when she interviewed the H/A - I didn't thik to ask for ID, proof of residence, anything. Just went on how she seemed.

Won't do that again.

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