Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thirteen Reasons Why I Love My Job
1…. I have direct contact with the people I work with.
2.... My job is to help an individual, not a company, organization, or bottom line.
3.... I work with people who are just as vested as I am.
4.... Every day is different.
5.... I get to go into different homes, and have a window in to all sorts of different lives.
6.... I hear stories of great strength and fortitude from people who have lived long, long lives.
7.... I hear stories of incredible sadness, and know that if there is any way possible, and if they will let me, I can (try to) help.
8.... That when I can't help I have a group of supportive peers who help me understand that I've done all I can.
9.... I hear stories about New York City, and how it was fifty, sixty, seventy years ago.
10.... I feel really young. :)
11.... It's a chance not to think about myself, my issues, and my problems and worry about others.
12.... I don't get paid well. (Just checking to see if you're paying attention!)
13.... I put so much time and effort into graduate school... and went through so many crappy and inappropriate jobs... that it's just so great to find where I fit.

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