Sunday, September 10, 2006


So today is Max's first day of Hebrew School. I'm so excited! That's why I'm up so early!! (No. Lie. I woke up 'cause a new cork tile that I bought @ K-mart with the idea of being able to tack up school notices - fell down and scared the crap out of me.)

For those of you who are so inclined, you can read about my Hebrew School escapades with X on my other blog. It was so great when I went to pick Max up yesterday -from X (and my sister actually came with me, because I felt her presence might actually keep X a little.... quieter.) and X said, in this obnoxious voice: "Have fun at Hebrew School, Max." Causing Max to run away yelling: "I don't want to go to Hebrew School, I don't want to go!!" My sister & I were able to explain to him that it's not all bad, and that he might actually have some fun... so I think we've gotten past this crisis.

I totally lashed out at X, though - "Will you f*ckin' shut up! You better support this!" I usually don't even bother - a waste of energy. (I've noticed I've been cursing more. Gotta watch that.) And he just smiled at me. So really, it was a waste of energy. Dick.

Hooray! Just tried to upload a photo and it worked!! That's Max in his new tennis outfit! He starts tomorrow! The raquet is curtesy of my wonderful boyfriend, J - who loved the idea of getting him his "first racquet." And I cannot tell you how psyched Max is. Wanting to practice already. Hitting a tennis ball on our balcony - banging into neighbor's wall. (Sorry, neighbors!!) Luckily they're nice & also have a young boy....

Funny/sad (but mostly sad) - I don't think X has ever bought Max (or Nathan - except he did get him a toy aircraft carrier for his last birthday) anything. All the Hanukah, birthday stuff was bought by me. And he never buys stuff just for the sake of buying! What a waste that would be!! And you know, it doesn't have to be what you buy... just that you're thinking of somebody. And come on, birthday? CHanukah? Little treat at the park?!?

And on that note, when I picked the kids up yesterday (they had been to Bronx Zoo w/X) I saw they had little toys! (Good segue, huh?) Boy, was I surprised! I said: "How nice of Daddy to do that for you!" But found out Janet got them for them. Ohhh, of course. X smiled sheepishly "But I paid for them." (I'll let that statement stand on it's own.)

Then I found out that the kids had "Puerto Rican Icecream" in the Bronx. (That's how Max phrased it.) Which I always actually thought was Dominican (when you see the carts on the street...) but in doing this search I have found out that it's also Phillipino... so...... But X! Doing that?!? Interesting to see how Janet will play out with the kids. Already looks like it's a bit in their favor!

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