Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thirteen Things that I don't like, that annoy me, that bug me, that irk me, and just piss me off - even when I'm not PMSing - the big things and the really inconsequential little ones, too.
1…. When you wash your hands at a public bathroom you usually have to reach up a bit to get a paper towel, causing the water to drip down your arms!
2..... People who stop on the top of the subway steps to finish their cell phone conversations before they go underground - causing others who are going down to go around them, and then blocking the people who want to come up.
3.... People who wait until the last minute on a check out line to get their change out... then count out all their change to pay for their items.
4.... People who use other people's pet peeves in order to get the requisite 13.
5.... Jews for Jesus (You can't be Jewish and believe that Jesus is the messiah, and will you get the heck out of my face!)
6.... People who talk louder to non-English speakers. They're not deaf, they just don't speak English!
7.... People who call Bono "Bono" (think Sonny Bono).
8.... People who take themselves way too seriously and get irked by people who call Bono "Bono" (ala Sonny Bono).
9.... Tom Cruise.
10.... Fanatics of any kind: vegetarian/PETA, religious, political....
11.... People who try to get into the subway car before we've all left. Come on, guys, the train isn't going to leave - just give us the space to get out, ok?!?
12.... Reverse snobs - Why do you automatically hate that guy just because he works on Wall Street? YOu know nothing about him, except that he's wearing a suit. And you live in the East Village, but hey, there's no friggin' way you're a starving artist - because rents there are higher than they are here!
13.... Loud, obnoxious, cigar smoking drunk men in suits. (Oops!)
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KaY said...

Tom Cruise is on your list. I know lots of people who don't like him anymore. But I do agree with the people who talk louder when they figure you don't speak their language. And the overzealous ones as well.

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