Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's kinda nice outside

Because, well - both J and I have been outted. He told his kids about me, and I told my kids about him. Meaning, I used his name and the word boyfriend in the same sentence.

Max kinda made the "Yick Girls" face when I told him. He likes J - they both really do - but I know that whole boys/girls cooties thing was definitely at play there. I said to him: "What does it mean, to be a boyfriend/girlfriend?" And he goes, in typical Max fashion: "That means you love them and blah, blah, blah..." Basically: Leave Me Alone. Can't You See Power Rangers Is On? (Ok, I should have waited 'til after, but.... I couldn't! Come on, cut me some slack! I've been waiting to tell them for a long time - and I guess I reached saturation point & it came out!)
J has told his kids about me - and of course since they're older they have a whole other set of responses, feelings, and questions.... and that's going to be a bit more of a challenge to negotiate. And not a challenge in a bad way - but they will be looking and listening for different things than my two will - that's for darn sure!
And on another note: For a whle there X had been caling the kids every night. He hadn't done that for a while... but he started again. He has since stopped. I wonder how it's going to be now that the kids will only see him every other weekend? It seems so strange to me... I know it's "usual" but I also know it does not have to be that way. J. travels back and forth and hither and yon to see his kids, he is missing out on lots of alone/me time for himself, but is carving out a schedule that includes them as a big priority. And EX is living a few doors away from his X & the kids just travel back and forth between the two houses. They actually consider them both their "homes" - not "Mommy's House" or "Daddy's House." Interesting that the two men I date post X are like that... or I guess, maybe not so (interesting. surprising.)

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