Friday, December 22, 2006

I appreciate your help... but...

My parents are so great. They're so helpful. So supportive. Always there when I need them; always go the extra mile. Really truly - they are and they do.

They even offered to help me with the legal fees when I have an attorney review the mediation agreement. (I think they were afraid I wouldn't do it just nipped it in the bud!) And that's really truly wonderful.

BUT (and you knew that was coming, didn't you?) when I told my mom yesterday that I was investigating attorneys... and how much it would cost & what the procedure is.. (give them the agreement, they look & see if there are any questions - or if I have any questions - then they talk to X's attorney & work it out.) my mom asked if...drumroll please.... if they could come with me when I meet with the attorney.

Me: (omigod, she didn't just ask that, did she?!?!?) Ummm, why? Mom: Well, there might be something you might forget to ask... or something I want to ask.. Me: Ummm - no. You cannot come. Mom: Why? Me: (why is this happening?!?) Because this is my life. Mom: (deep sigh) OK, but can I ask around for recommendations for attorneys? Me: Sure.

So you know, a huge weight on all this is that friggin' peanut gallery. I can talk all big, saying that "this is my life" and yet, and still -- I value what they say. But even more than that, it's the feel like everything has to pass through their scrutiny. Their judgement. And it's impossible. Now this. So really, however this all ends... I will never hear the end of it either from X - or from them. It was "too much" or it was "too little." I am, as always, as it was through our relationship - in the middle.

I have to separate. I know. I have to be able to just not worry about the peanuts... but damn, they're so loud and persistent.

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