Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Somebody - stop me!

Ok, I totally have a bug in my butt (great expression, huh?) for one of these: The new Ipod shuffle.
The thing is, I already have an ipod - the bigger one - which means... and hear me when I say this: I DO NOT NEED ONE.
But damn! They're so cute! They're so small!! And they're.... well... they're pretty affordable considering the price of an Ipod.... (can you hear me talking myself into it? Stop! Stop! You do NOT have expendable income!! Must NOT BUY!!)
But honestly.... I didn't buy myself anything this year for Chanukah.... Ok - got those shoes on sale at Zappos... but they were only about $20... and I (kind of) needed them... and Ok - got some stuff from The Body Shop... but most of it was paid for with a gift card...
(What do you think? I'm pretty good at the ole' rationalization when I need one. Pretty much perfected the skill in my 40 some odd years...)
Maybe for a valentines' day present to myself....

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