Friday, December 15, 2006

So much has changed

So I was just thinkin'.... I don't know if you read in my other blog - but I sprained my left quad (I"m just going to call it a quad because I don't know how to spell it and I'm obviously just too plain lazy to look it up.) and that has made things here just a bit chaotic. Not too much, but a bit.

(Warning: somewhat sappy post ahead!)

But what has made me feel so, so good about this is - when I fell and called my office my boss said "Take a cab here - we'll pay." She called me that night: "feel better, we're thinking about you, don't worry about work" she called the next day: "how are you doing?" AND - she left a message on my voicemail yesterday telling me that if I dare to come in today she will send me home. She wants me to rest & make sure I'm better.

Now I'm not totally naive - I know that part of that is selfish - that I should get better now or risk having it be worse & take more time off later. But still. Last time I got sick - when I was at the nursing home - I came in coughing out a lung. I'm thinking...."there's something very wrong with my going into patients' rooms hacking like I'm in a TB ward.." But my boss never said anything... and any time I wanted needed time off it was soooo difficult.

And then J "I would have come to the ER with you!" And "Take care of yourself or I'm going to come over & make sure you do!" I'm sure some of you remember when I had walking pneumonia. This always stays with me, because it's so indicative of X - and it was right before we split. But I phoned him from the Dr - after the diagnosis: "I have walking pneumonia - can you pick me up at the subway to take me to pharmacy to get meds?" "No - I'm taking my mom to the museum." (It was January. His mom was visiting for 2 weeks.)

Me (crying) "But I have walking pneumonia! It's cold! Just pick me up, take me over to pharmacy - after I get drugs, then you can go out!" No. Not until I called him a third time - screaming & crying - did he agree. Then left me home. Alone. (My parents came over - with chicken soup.) (Btw - my dad picked me up @ er wed, mom came over to stay with my boys, sister came over to take them to school the next day. At least my family is always constant...)

So, you know - I realize that how it was is NOT how it should be, and how it is now IS (how it should be). But I also know that it could really be different, and I really, truly appreciate it.

It's so cool.

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