Friday, December 29, 2006

ThursdayFriday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I'd Like For The New Year (As if this wasn't the most absolutely obvious topic! And no, these are NOT resolutions - more like wishes.)
1…. To be able to do the Thursday Thirteen if not regularly, then at least on Thursdays.

2.... To be able to complete all my paperwork for work.

3.... To win the lottery (see, told you they were wishes!)

4.... To play the lottery (I know, I know - gotta play to win!)

5.... To finally take the summer toe nail polish off my toes... what's left of it.

6.... To finally be divorced. (You knew THAT one was coming!)

7.... To get up the will to have my apartment painted. (It's just that, you know, the chaos that ensues... having to take all the stuff off the walls, the chaos that ensues, having to move all the books, wall unit... and well... the chaos that ensues plays a small role in that as well.)

8.... To figure things out with my mom: Why I'm so angry every time I go there and see them.

9.... Even though I know this is obvious, I suppose I should put it in writing: To have everyone I love remain happy, healthy, strong and safe.

10.... To find some time to at least go running again (this is NOT a resolution... just something I"d like for 2007) it's been too long and I need it for body and soul.

11.... To spend more time w/J (although that kinda contradicts number 10... but maybe we could run together.)

12.... To take my kids to Disney World.

13.... For myself to be happy, healthy, strong and safe.

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