Monday, May 22, 2006

When Worlds Collide

THis morning I experienced the convergence of two worlds. My boyfriend (like how I always put that in italics? Oh, you didn't notice? Well, you will now.) was going to be right up the street this morning & I just felt... well... it's just strange not to have some sort of acknowledgement of that.

Plus, I wanted to give the poor guy some coffee (even though just decaf) - since he's doing this massive, horrendous commute.

SO ANYHOW, (do I say that in all my postings? I"m going to have to go back & check.) I invited him to come up and I'd give him a cuppa to go.

So, I told the kids that my friend was going to stop by & I was going to give him a cup of coffee - and he did. And I can't even describe how it was. (So why am I writing about it, you ask, if I can't describe it? I'll tell you - I don't know. But here in our little village of Annetevka... Sorry. Living in my own private joke world.) I guess I"m writing about it to help sort it out in my own mind.

You know, the two worlds had always been so separate - and so purposefully separate. Ever since I started dating a year or so ago -- I'd never talk to guys when the kids were up, only go out when they're w/the X, etc, etc... two separate worlds.

But this morning, here they all were - all in the same room. Annnnddddd...... It was ok. It was fine. It was normal. No great thunder crashes, or earth trembling...

It was totally cool.

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