Monday, January 22, 2007

So, let's see....

It feels like it's been such a long time since I posted here... and I've actually had lots to post.. just not the will to sit and do it.

Last week was a bit of a milestone for me - I cooked! Yes, I cooked. Made spinach lasagna. I haven't cooked that much in the past.. oh... 6 years because 1) two little kids, 2) back in school, 3) two little kids on my own, 4) just too darn tired, 5) kids never eat what I make, anyhow & too difficult to cook for just one.

But now J has been coming over & it gets too expensive to always get prepared food - and can't always serve him spaghetti & sauce from a jar!

And before I go on, I should explain that I consider "cooking" when you have to actually measure stuff. I make a salsa chicken - but that's just chicken, dumping a can of beans on it, jumping a jar of salsa on it, and bonging it in the oven. I don't really feel like that qualifies as "cooking."

So, since J is nearly a vegetarian, and since I have these lasagna noodles (the ready to cook ones) I figured spinach lasagna. DId a search on line & finally found one that used the no boil noodles & had reasonable ingredients. Neglected to read the whole recipe though.

Decided to make it Tuesday, since he was coming over Wednesday. I start taking out all the stuff & see this on the recipe "Put all ingredients in a cuisinart and chop." Huh? More equipment?!? I only have the mini-chop & so got out the blender.

Max came over and wanted to help... and it was actually really great. Again made me realize (feel guilty) how I need to really focus on them more when I get home. So many nights when I'm home he's running around causing mischief... but here he was, sitting with me, active, involved, calm...

We got out the blender (after digging it out from under about 7 years worth of stuff) and put in ingredients. I pushed the button. "Mom, what's that smell?" Took my hand off the button, sniffed around the kitchen... "I don't know... I don't smell anything." Pushed down the button again. "MOM - what's that smell!?!?" Hmmmm... seems to be coming from the blender.... Well, there's no smoke so lets just finish up.

I figure it was just complaining from lack of use. Right? Say right.

So, I/we finished. It was ok... J said he liked it. It was spinach, fat free ricotta, fat free mozarella.... so darn healthy & I think needed a little "kick." But certainly edible.

Stay tuned for more reports from "My Kitchen".

Yeah. Right.

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