Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It Wasn't Me!

I went with Max's 1st grade class on a school trip to the Queens Botanic Garden. It was lots of fun, and the first time I have ever accompanied either of my children on a trip. He asked me, so I called in sick... So, imagine the pride, just welling up inside, when one of the guildes said to a group of kids: "NO! We NEVER write on the hot house white wash! That lets in the sun and kills the plants!"


You know, if you are going to do something like that..... draw a smiley, draw a peace sign, write "First Grade Sux!" But your name?!
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Gwen said...

No other Maxes in his class, I guess?


Jen Magnuson said...

Oh God, I love that. No backing out. My kids would so totally have done the same thing at that age.

Lisa Main said...

LOL Love it!