Thursday, June 07, 2007

So I'm just thinking...

I was thinking about what I wrote in my last post... and about staying with a husband/wife if they become mentally ill. Now, I'm not saying that X was mentally ill - but I'm certain he has some diagnosable personality disorders.

And I suppose it depends on what the illness is.... but let's say the person has severe and persistent depression -- that is very very difficult to live with. Not to mention what it might do to the children. Is that more of an impact? A different impact than being physically ill and undergoing surgeries and treatments?

I mean - I don't know... just kinda thinking out loud - and probably there's no set answer, but on a case by case situation..... But when I was in that, I felt that I needed to stay - to help him - because we were married... and where does that responsibilty begin/end?

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thordora said...

Depends on the mental disorder. I don't know how my husband stays put with me, but I've never abused him at the very least. Made life unbearable at times though.

If anyone is at risk, emotionally or physically, then yes, leaving is the best thing. Attempting to get the person help while you leave, especially if kids are involved, but leave nonetheless.

If you aren't in that head, you never know what might happen. I've caught myself nearly doing some very bad things, and I'm not nearly as sick as some other people.

It's all relative, but I don't think that anyone who leaves someone who is mentally ill can be judged. While it's chronic like cancer, unlike cancer, it CAN hurt others.