Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All joking aside

It's hitting me hard. This whole kids away thing. Like I've been in a fog all day. Like I've been staring, dreamily up at their photos... You'd think they were going away for months.

What am I going to do when their Dad wants to take them to NZ?!? And you know he will - I mean, his family is there & they're gonna all want to see the kids.

I've been in this funk about it, and then I'm talking to this social worker who works at a nearby Skilled Nursing Facility (in patient rehab). She is the social worker there for one of my clients. This client is demented, and has a daughter who has paranoid delusions. It's a really tough case. The daughter has finally begun to trust me - but she is not my client - the mother is. Problem is - the daughter cannot focus long enough to really care enough for the mother. So, I'm trying to step in. To talk to the SW there, find out what's going on, what the discharge plan is, etc... and the SW will not talk to me. HIPPAA. I've spoken to countless social workers at countless hospitals and rehabs - and never ever encountered this.

I kind of came on a wee bit strong & she snapped at me. I hung up and started crying. Just put my head down on the desk and cried. Knowing full well that it wasn't about the mean social worker. (Ok, I know. I came on a wee bit strong...)

So I'm trying to puzzle out why this is all hitting me so much. But meanwhile - it's gonna be a long damn week.

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