Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mamma never told me there'd be days like this...

My Day:

Up at 5:38 a.m, shower, dress, feed kids, dress kids. (I'm slow in the morning; need lotsa time...)

7:50 am - out to make bus that is supposed to come at 7:50.

Miss bus.

7:55 walk to school.

8:07 meet Max's best friend & his mom. She offers to stay with kids so they can play outside until school starts 8:40 am (don't ask, they changed the start time. It's hell.)

8:30 - get to bus stop. Takes to long for bus; walk to subway.

9:30 am at work.

Eat power bar, various nuts, open up new box of Fiddle Faddle. Eat some.

11:00 am - Home visit. Client depressed. Wife a negative nag. I leave with promise from man that he will come visit me tomorrow.

Eat more fiddle faddle.

12:30 - talk to geriatric care managers who had been working with my client. his home attendant had been stealing from him.

Talk to endless stream of clients. Cannot get off phone.

2:00 pm - eat apple.

2:30 pm - supervisor calls - Have I spoken to new student intern about charting? About what forms to do? Uhhh... no.

3:00 pm - talk to former colleague about client mentioned in yesterday's post. Feel better.

Eat more Fiddle Faddle (down to crumbs now. Remember this was a new box.)

3:45 leave to meet client mentioned in yesterday's post & her brother.

4:30 - sit on bench outside clients apartment for 5 minute rest. Suddenly remember! Tennis Lessons! Max had a lesson today at 4, but I forgot to tell the sitter! (Of course his tennis clothes are right on the chair - but does that remind him? Apparently not.) Call Tennis center - Max can go at 5. Tell sitter.

4:42 - remember have to drop something w/supervisor! Run to office. She's gone.

4:58 - Grab a pizza from Hot Nosh at work. (Jewish agency, ya' know. Hot Nosh. They're open 24/6! Seventh day they rested... get it?!?)

5:02 - burn tongue on blasted kosher dried out HotNosh pizza!

5:08 - on subway.

5:09 - asleep.

5:46 - wake up startled, somebody's hair in my face. Nice. Don't ask.

6:00 pm - at West Side Tennis Club to pick up Max. (Love that place... so posh n' all...)

6:35 - walking home. Max asks/tells/yells/whines at me to hold his racket. I'm carrying two bags. I say something about perhaps we could switch and he could hold my 20 lb bag and I'll hold the racket.. He whines/cries/yells the whole walk back. It was so nice to have such a stress free walk.

7:00 pm - Max has to do his homework - plus his current events that he saved until.... say it with me now: The Last Minute. Of course. So, he has to read a story and write about it. He's exhausted. I'm exhausted. We haven't eaten. He screams. I scream. The neighbors close their windows.

8:00 pm - eat bowl of cold cereal.

8:45 pm. Kids fed (Kid Cuisine tv dinners... please forgive me!), homework done (ok, I "helped" him more than I should have... but he was so tired....)

9:00 pm - Bath.

9:45 pm - they're asleep.

10:00 pm - I make lunch for tomorrow. Pack up for overnight w/parents for Jewish Holy Day....

11:00 pm - blogging. Why aren't I asleep?

You know, I have some friends who lovelovelove to always be busy. Always have something to do, always be moving.... can't sit still! Gotta go! Gotta do! NOT ME. I need down time. I need to fart around on the computer. I need to chat on the phone. I need...... well heck - just to sit and stare off into space. Days like this, I do not enjoy. They also give me a good window as to why my weight might just go up and down... (ya' think?!?! Fiddle Faddle anyone?!?!?)


Tracy said...

I'm exhausted just reading it.... but I do love Fiddle Faddle!!!

Family Adventure said...

Hi there,
I've been reading your blog for a couple of days. I wanted to comment yesterday, but I just didn't know what to say. My heart went out to you when reading about your client. Doesn't look like today was much better though - less emotional, but busier. I hate days like those, too. Not a moment to yourself. I think that's why we need the blogging/computer time at the end of the day. To just organize our thoughts before we drown in undigested impressions...or something like that.
Anyway, great blog. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

I hope you manage to get some down time over the weekend

Gwen said...

Sounds exhausting! And I'm not sure, but I don't think Fiddle Faddle is, in fact, the food of champions. Just sayin'.

Poker Chick said...

I'm like you, I have way more days like this than I care for. The stress is not good - for me it causes weight loss and insomnia. I'm still waiting for the formal study touting the health benefits of vegging out on the couch - a hugely underrated regarcher in my opinion.