Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Whatta waste

I'm off today. The kids have a half day (parent-teacher conferences) and nobody to pick them up at 11:50 (ugh! One hour! I only have one hour left!!!)

So, I've been cleaning up/out their room.

I've been doing it little by little for a while. We're having a flea market ("Flea Boutique" thank you very much!) at work so I've basically supplied ALL toys.

And now I'm going through the room with a garbage bag. I'm on my second. And let me emphasize that I do not throw out things easily. I'm a semi-hoarder. So, you can imagine what they have in there!

(Hey, do you think I could donate a puzzle missing one piece? To the flea market? It's only one piece....)

But can I just tell you what a huge, massive, colossal waste those hot wheels cars and tracks are? They, quite literally, were played with one time. That's it. Then the tracks are put away & nobody can be bothered to put the tracks back together again. They sit. They get pushed back. They are forgotten.

And today? They're garbage.


Family Adventure said...

Oh, I know. I purge every year, and it seems like we've accummulated bags and bags of junk every year, even though I swear that I'll be more careful. The consumerism kills me - I don't want to be one of *them*, but I'm afraid I'm no better.


Julie Pippert said...

Ah yes, it's time for the big "before birthday and Christmas" toy purge. God help me.

or maybe you?


Using My Words

Tracy said...

I remember those days... there were so many miscellaneous action figures and cars/trucks/etc.... and you're right -- played with once!

And thank you for your offer to help... I'm actually feeling ok these days... I think that knowing there is an end in sight has helped me mentally :-)

Anonymous said...

Waldo Said.....

DO NOT throw those hot wheels away! I just sold some on e-bay for $5.99 each that I bought at a garage sale, for 25 cents each.
They don't have to be old either.