Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Of Utmost Importance

Ok Bloggy people. Here's the thing. I bought three of these cashmere wraps on sale at Banana Republic. It was originally $99.. and with the sale and coupons I got it for about $50. So I bought three. One for my mom for Hanukkah, one for me (so why not?) and one for my sister for her birthday in March (already got her her Hanukkah present...).
OK. So. I got two in cream/white and one in this...orangish color called "ruddy." It's not a bright orange, but not quite a rust. It's nice.
But here's the thing. I cannot decide which one I want to keep for myself! I. Cannot. Decide.
I think... "Oooh, nice to have a different color, most of the things you own are black, greenish khacki (no idea how to spell that and spell check is of no help!) or grey..." and I also think "this is expensive. I should get something I'd get the most use out of. I should keep the white so I will be assured it goes with everything."
I know. I'm crazy. I'm home today (getting sick & have so much to do with stupid Hanukkah so early this year... wrapping presents... doing paper work, cleaning....) so I have a bit more free time to ponder these weighty, weighty topics.
I was thinking... I could give the white one to my mom... see how it looks on her & then decide which one I want to give my sister... but here's where I just make things more difficult for myself: I. Want. It. Now. Donotwanttowait. WanttowearitrightnowwhenIgopicktheboysupatthebus.
I know. I frustrate myself too.
eta - just checked BR website - it's already sold out!


Family Adventure said...

I dunno...how practical do you want to be? I would be totally inclined to go with the unusual colour... because it would be *fun* !! And why always be practical -- sometimes it's good to be a bit flighty and just *fun*.

You're so picking the white, aren't ya?!

Hope you feel better!!

Heidi :)

Julie Pippert said...


Come read my blog, pronto.

Take the one you LIKE. Forget USEFUL. You deserve COOL because you are an amazing and interesting person.

I once got this stripy scarf that matched NOTHING, was really too thin, and too long. It's the only scarf I used that entire winter, because it made me happy to wear it.

Take the one that makes you happy to wear it.

Using My Words

dawn224 said...

I need brights in the winter, I would need red.

Gwen said...

If you truly have a neutral wardrobe (black, white, cream and khaki) then the red will go with all of it perfectly. PERFECTLY. I say keep the red. Enough with being "practical."

You should see the word verification I have to type; it's like 400 letters long. Thanks, Blogger!