Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Where it's at for a Seven Year Old


My imaginary house would have every Star Wars toy, sorted by name, especially Luke Skywalker.

Every closet would be full. I would play with my brother, Nathan, to defeat the Galactic Empire. Four shock troops would always be on duty, to shock the bad guys. Best of all, my own bedroom would have lots of Star Wars decorations, even on the walls.

If you're a boy, you'll love a sleep over!


Family Adventure said...

That is adorable! My boys will be right over!!


Gwen said...

Star Wars? Really?

I'm impressed with Max's spelling!

Julie Pippert said...

That's, did he know how to spell all of that so correctly on his own? Wow.

And I could read it with no translation needed. Very cute.

Tracy said...

Very very cute.... my brother-in-law (yes, 30-year-old bro-in-law) would describe his dream house the same way!

It does sound quite cool, though, I must admit!

Waldo said...

Hey, do I detect some kind of inherited trait? I believe someone once wrote as part of their Xanga site that they, "like to alphabetize all their CD's" and redid it if one was ever removed!
Hmmmmm? I can't remember who it was, but I believe they were liveing in New York!
So, how's the new sitter doing? Are you ready to text message her a pink slip?!!