Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nathan to me as we are standing wedged in the corner of a crowded train from Manhattan to Forest Hills: (Apropos, I must add - to absolutely nothing)

"Mom. I don't think the Pacifier Fairy took my pacifiers. I think you did. I think you took them and threw them out!"

To which I respond that I most certainly did NOT.

Max: Mom! You're smiling! That means you're lying!! And what about the Tooth Fairy! I know that's you! Tell me! How come you have all the teeth if you're not the tooth fairy?!?

How do people do this? How do you keep up the pretense? I'm, like, smiling from ear to ear now - trying to keep from laughing. I put on my mad face: "This is NOT the place to talk about this now! Let's talk about it later!" In the hopes that they will forget.

They did.

Great moments in parenting.

(And why is spell check not working?)


Gwen said...

At least you don't have to debunk the Santa myth. My friend had to do that with her 11 year old (I know! Eleven!) this winter and there were many tears. How does Max know you have the teeth, anyway? You need better hiding places, Mama.

And how scary is it that your kids can read your "tell"?

jeanie said...

ha ha - I always joke that I was my daughter's dummy! (Over here we call pacifiers dummies)

My daughter found the tooth stash, so I got blown right out of the water.