Thursday, April 10, 2008

You guys are so cool

So tell me. How come I write posts that come from the deep dark insides of my soul and I get one or two comments? I write posts about life changing moments and I get one or two comments? I write a post about a graduation gift.... and....

I now see how it is.


Thank you guys for all your great suggestions! She's difficult to shop for. Very strong opinions, very artsy, very "non-traditional" (although somehow likes Banana Republic...).

SO. I've opted for this and a $100 Banana Republic Card. I figure it could give her a bit of a start with any sort of interview clothes she needs... and the other thing is kinda cool, artsy and fun.

That's what I'm getting.

Unless I change my mind.


Family Adventure said...

Good choice! :)


Julie Pippert said...

Hey I'm consistent. Sometimes, LOL Good choice!