Friday, May 23, 2008

Movin' right along...

I know I mentioned here before that J and I will probably move in together.  It will probably be some time next summer... into Manhattan.  (Don't ask me how we will do it, an affordable place - [three bedroom!] in a good school district...  But he says we can...)

And that's fine.  I love Manhattan.  I loved living in Manhattan.  I haven't really connected too well/too much with people here... so it's not such a great loss for me.

But (you know with me there's always a but.  I'm always over thinking everything, so there always has to be a "but"!)

You know, "we" talk about diversity & how it's so great... and how living in the city.. (manhattan) it's so diverse.  And it is.  Relative to Montana.  But relative to Queens?  Not so much.  I get on the train here & there are all sorts of people.  From all sorts of backgrounds.  I get on the train on the Upper West side?  Black.  White.  Latin.  That's it.  And I love having that diversity.  It makes me feel more.... real, I guess.  The real world.  Not what I think of the Manhattan bubble... a borough that is turning into  one made up of the very rich and the very poor, one which is turning into a giant shopping mall with luxury apartments... that most people, on most incomes, cannot afford to shop in.

I look at my kids' school, I look at the friends they have:  all different types.  Nice kids.  Good kids.  Sweet kids.  I go into the school, the staff there greets me, they know my kids, I can talk to the Assistant Principal about my kids.  She knows them.  This is a public school.  In NYC.  But it's also a small community school, far from being big and uncaring.

So ok.  Because I have nothing else to worry about, I'm thinking about that now.  Siiiggghh..... Do I really want to move?  What will that mean?  What sort of kids will my kids become if they grow up in Manhattan?  (My parents nearly bought a house in Great Neck...before they bought the house where I grew up.. For those of you who know Long Island, Great Neck is vastly different from where I grew up.  Vastly.  I would have been a different person, for sure.  [Or at least had much more designer clothing!])

I don't know.  It's really important to J to live in Manhattan, and that certainly would not be a hardship for right near a park, walk to everything, closer to work...  But.

Just thinking.  As usual.
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Anonymous said...

hi amy! your post is timely - how can i email you? my email address is


Family Adventure said...

You said it're overthinking this one! Wait until you know exactly what you're looking at in terms of location, neighbourhood, etc. and then you can start worrying! :)

Heidi (the ultimate worrier)