Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So J said to me the other day:  "I don't really read your blog anymore.  I'm finding that it bothers me, that I find out stuff from your blog before I find it out from you!  It makes me feel a little funny, so I just thought I'd stop reading"


I said to him that oftentimes I just use this blog as a vent (sorry guys) that I don't even need a response - I just need to get it out.  So that's why I don't tell him.  Right away.  I need to process it first.

He understood.  I think.  I try to not talk about our relationship too much... or if I do in general terms... or in a way that I know he would not mind.  I know he reads this.  I know that anybody could  read this.  So I just keep that in the back of my wee little mind...

I also am very conscious of not turning this into a "Mommy Blog" (whatever that is - but my own definition is a blog that is solely about ones kids.  My kids take up a fairly huge chunk of my life, but I think I"m a bit more than that...) so I try to write about other parts of my life:  work, J & X.  (Yikes!  Is that all my life is?!?!  Gotta get out more!)  But mostly, honestly, it's whatever is on my mind the most... that needs to come out.  THere's no planning.  No forethought.  Heck - there's not even a rough draft!!  I write, spell check & post!  WYSIWYG.

I remember when I dated Ex - before J - he said the same thing.  He stopped reading because he didn't want to find out stuff from here & not from me.

So is it me?

How is it if for you guys?  Do you have discussions with your S.O's?  Do they not read?  Object?
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G4 said...

I'd be uncomfortable too. But then, my whole blog is hidden, so maybe I have issues :) I'd just rather do the telling & hearing in person first, that's all.

Single Mom Seeking said...

You know that I really relate to this one!

During my most recent relationship, at first I was really flattered that he was reading my blog. He asked me so many questions, seemed so curious. But then, I noticed that I kept editing myself as I wrote. I kept seeing him look over my shoulder, I feared hurting his feelings... Moreover, all of his friends started to read the blog, and they were calling him, asking him about the relationship. Aaaah!

I haven't figured this one out yet. Let me know when you do, okay?