Tuesday, May 06, 2008

These Kids....

Yesterday my sitter said to me:  "I have to tell you something - I didn't have time the other day... but I really have to."

Given my recent history with my sitter... my heart sank.

She began:  "The other day, when we came in to meet you and J in the city - before the Yankees Tigers game - we were on the train and Nathan did the most amazing thing."  Nathan?  Amazing thing?  Now I wasn't so anxious.

She continued.  "There weren't so many seats, so I told the boys to sit and I stood next to them.  Nathan said to me: "you have to sit down.  You can't stand.  I told him 'no, it's ok.' But he insisted.  'You sit down, I'll sit on your lap.'  So, I went to sit.  Then the other people on the train saw I was pregnant.  They were in shock, and obviously felt badly because they did not notice before.  But you have no idea what that did to me.  How it made me feel.  How he made me feel, insisting that I sit down..."

I was speechless.  MY Nathan?!?  My son who never seems to think about anybody but himself?  Who always asks:  "What do you have for me?"  "Why do *I* have to do that?"  "YOU, you do it FOR me!"  Now MAX - he's the one who is always thinking.  He is the one who has more empathy...  I was totally floored.

But you know what was the coolest part?  Things I say -- they sink in!!

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Family Adventure said...

That's a cute and touching story. You're so right...they are listening, even though they don't always seem to!