Monday, August 04, 2008


If your favorite baggy linen pants fray in the crotch you're allowed to patch them, right?

But what if those SAME pants become a wee bit threadbare on the left side (where you carry a bag & it probably rubs against it?) And say there's a HOLE on the left hip side? And say your SKIN shows through that hole...

Can you patch them again? (From the inside. THe tailor does it. Same color... [obviously])

Or do you call it a day?

I love those pants.

ETA - And WHAT IF these pants are one of the lucky few that STILL fit due to your explosive weight gain? (Just getting dressed. NOTHING fits! Augh!)


Jenn said...

I'm personally a keeper and sewer by trade.


tracy said...

I think they then become your favorite pants to wear around home... I know exactly what you mean... I have a few pairs that I absolutely adore, and I think I've finally learned that when I find something like that that I love, I try to buy two so I'll have the other one down the road. I know that probably doesn't help you out now, but just so you know -- I can relate completely!

Magpie said...

I'd patch them badly (that is, I'd do it myself) and then wear them on the weekends.